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    I tested this moring ladies…AND I GOT A BFP!!! I used a digital test so I am so excited! I am going to call in a few hours when the doctors office opens to get an appointment for a blood test. I am so excited!!!



    You gals are encouraging my bad habits. 🙂



    haha…that is funny, i think if me and al were opposites we would kill each other…although he does take the piss out of my scottish friend, but she gives as good as she gets too!



    Midwest- Preseed. You buy the oral one? I just bought the lube? What are you talking about. Sorry to be soo nosy!!


    My family puts the Christmas tree up the night of Thanksgiving, like ‘okay, we ate the turkey, now lets put up the tree!’……….Business’ already have christmas paint on their windows, grocery stores and dept stores already have out their trees, decorations and gift ideas……its like okay, Halloween is over, lets get ready for christmas…im like, what about Thanksgiving?? I will put out my decor after we put up the tree…….



    had very severe cramping last night around 10 pm…i already have one boy and it seriously felt like labor pains it hurt so bad…i was almost doubled over in pain for about 30 mins last night…now this morning where i had cramping last night its extremly sore…has anyone else had this either now or with a previous pregnancy? it has me pretty worried but from my online research its normal to have mild to moderate cramps as long as there is no bleeding…but the cramps i had last night was extremly severe….any advice or help would be appreciated.


    So back to TTC,,,,,,,I BD tonite, but i got up 10 minutes later, to run over and turn up the baby monitor, then layed back down for another 25 minutes, you think any soldiers made it past the gate???????? Im worried, cause supposedly, according to my new 40 day cycle I am o today…..I BD last nite too, but DH made me be on top, so Im not sure i had much luck then……



    Congrats Ferbeyfer!



    Short work week for me too. 🙂 blessed – Ugh CD47, I feel for ya. Mommy -too funny, yeah teenage girls have no mood swings at all.



    Two thoughts Astonandme – you might be ovulating later, but are fertile now leading up to ovulation (I think this is the case as you still have EWCM) OR you did ovulate and the OPKs just did not pick up the surge. They dont always detect it if it happens quickly or if your pee is dilute at all. Keep BDing!! Some women dont have an LH build up, they just go from clearly negative to very positive all in one day. What is your normal cycle length?



    Good morning ladies! I am about to go nuts, I am on CD 42 today and still got a BFN this morning with a walmart brand test. This is soooooo frustrating and confusing! This is my 5th month trying and every month I ‘feel’ like i am pregnant. I have all the symptoms, haha. I am trying to hold off calling the doctor till next week. I am praying that thanksgiving day will bring a BFP (or AF, haha). Baby dust to everyone TTC!





    Since I got a BFN on Saturday but still no AF. Sign me up for the Dec BFP group too. I’ll test again in Wed if the witch doesn’t arrive first.



    Aselleck…. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully next month is your month!!!



    ok bye kirra, have fun at the gym!

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