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    donna1981~~ I know i used to fall asleep on the job lol! Almost got fired for it but i was new so i was lucky. Im glad i dont have that anymore im home with the kids now.


    Oh and Ive decided that I’ll probably test Friday and if its a positive I wanna suprise hubby some how…. any cool ideas ladies?


    mummy…could be alot of things . Hopefuly it’s cuz pg but can be stress , hormones etc etc….I know women are so dang unpredictable. I feel your pain I’m cd36. Tested last thursday



    congrats on your bfp ladies and keep your fingers crossed for the rest of us – i’m back now after being here for the pregnancy of my son (who turns 1 on 21st may) a few months ago we decided start trying for baby number 2 since it took a while to conceive my DS and so im here again lol — just started trying the ovulation urine tests for LG surge before ovulation anyone else trying them or had any luck concieving with them xxx



    I was like that with my second, I could have sworn I was pg, but all tests came up neg. When I eventually tested again a month later and got a pos and had a scan I was 7 weeks, when we thought I may have only been 5 weeks but that weird period was when I ovulated, it was strange!!!



    starburst – I wish you’d been able to go to the clinic and take one of your HPT’s when they were still showing positive. You said they just needed to see confirmation of pregnancy to get you coverage right? They would not have been able to drop you from coverage with a m/c would they? The cycles after a m/c can be so messed up… and Owens is right – you should really have a blood work up to see what is going on. On the other hand, you mentioned the spotting was after BD, and could be close to when you are ovulating – either your cervix popped a few little blood vessels, or if you are absolutely not pregnant and close to ovulation – could be the estrogen surge that happens just before you do ovulate.



    mommy – good luck this weekend – thinking sticky babydust for you!


    & (sorry for the double posts) We found out that we are probably going to Fort Riley Kansas in July … I’m torn on whether or not I’m excited… Its only 4 hours from my front door, which means my family is much closer than I’d like.. but any distance is still more space right? & because I really like to get my hopes up… I searched houses and I already know which one I want… 😛 lol its 2/1 house with a huge yard for my neglected Lab to run around in (poor thing is stuffed in this little apartment with me and the baby and our obnoxious chihuahua/jack russell) its a house, so we would be out of the apartment.. our BAH would cover it and the utilities, there is a washer and dryer in the house… hmmnphfff… I’m talking to Housing Services tomorrow to see if we could possibly put a hold on the house and maybe I could drive up and see it… I really love dreaming.. lol



    keshia89~ Congratulations on your BFP, what do you mean nearly cried. I cried when I got mine, and then I cried some more when I got in the shower, oh yeah and then again when I told DH. But, 16 cycles was well worth the wait for us!



    Stupid bfn! Even with a 10mlU…Oh well, test again Wednesday. Temp went even higher this morning lol! Craziness huh?



    All you ladies with long cycles this month, I know how you feel! I went from a regular 28-30 day cycle to a 37 day one this month…BFN on 18 DPO via blood test! My dr said all you can do is wait it out until AF shows up. I know it’s really crappy waiting though! 🙁



    Boneablaze- Just so you know.. I am currently on my 2nd bottle of FertilAid and its not really doing much for me. I mean it eased my PMS but thats it.. still not pregnant but I am gonna take one more bottle after this and hope for the best 🙂



    rylans – sounds like you’ve had a lovely month. I hope that the relaxing has bought you special babydust :-))



    Ralphie, I used OPK’s for a month and did BBT for four months. I liked the OPK’s but unless I wanted to order the online test strips, it was pricey! I really liked BBT and checking CM at the same time. For three months I learned lots about my cycles – namely that they were unpredictable, but at least I knew that because I was unpredictable, my only reliable method of TTC would be to BD every other day for my entire cycle. Good thing too – I got pregnant on CD 8! (still shocked)



    Heymickey, I read that article it was very interesting indeed, I think we will try this month too, But it says you cannot BD after 4th time after ovulation , my DH might not be too happy about that.

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