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    boyoboy – (TMI) masterbating helps jump start AF.



    happymama2010- Preseed is veryyyyyy slippery,lol. Will leave a snail trail everywhere if you aren’t careful, but your hubby won’t complain:-)



    happy with the cm, it varies with each woman, around the time u o you should have ewcm, but there are a lot of women who get it several times in a cycle…most of them have pcos though…



    Hi Ladies, my name is Dree. I just turned 29 years old and have a 14 (almost 15) mth old son. Ive been a member here for over a year now, and have now decided to start trying for baby number two. Summer is over and Im down 20lbs in weight, so I figure its time. I hope its not going to take me as long to conceive this time around, however, I’m always up for a challenge. Im currently ovulating but am not sure exactly how many DPO I am. I have been bd-ing, for about 3 days now, in hopes that I end up with a BFP when i test in about two weeks. All in all, Im hoping to meet new people, as I once again, get ready to take this journey, to motherhood for the 2nd time (scary but exciting)….Im can’t wait!



    DLHM-When I was prego with my 1st, I would have pains in my lower abd too. It would hurt so bad that I would go to stand up and double over in pain. The 1st time it happened, I screamed in pain. That scared us both, but we were told its ok. It happened several times afterwards but never with my 2nd child.



    Thanks everyone, I feel like we are having such a hard time. For us it’s this weird balance of knowing enough to try but not enough to know what’s going on, lol…we actually want to somewhat keep ourselves in the dark. Where we have lost in the past I would like to not really know when I become pregnant until as late as possible so it’s less time to freak out in the first trimester. I plan on taking prenatals and avoiding caffeine and alcohol and just keep going about life and not taking a hpt until I start showing signs like sore boobs and nausea. But it’s hard to purposely try to be unaware when you need to know when you are going to ovulate, lol. So thank you for your support, I hope to see all of you in the pregnancy blogs soon!


    Member we ahev issues in profile section



    momtoabi, there have been other ladies who say the same thing about FRERs…i’ve never bought them. i think you’ll get ‘pregnant’ on a clearblue digi in two days 🙂



    sry for the double post im on my phones internet…..



    I see some of the abbreviations but I’m on my phone so I don’t think I can see them all. What’s FX mean?



    GOOD LUCK HOPEFUL!!! I am in the TWT (two week torture) as well! (7DPO here)



    not at all dawn2820 – I have multiple cysts on my ovaries which affect my hormones and causes anovulatory cycles (for me they can last anywhere between 60 – 90 days and then when AF comes it is nasty – last time was nearly 50 days! sorry tmi) Sometimes I may ovulate on my own – like last cycle but that is very rare. Last time (when I was ttc my son) I ended up having to go to a specialist and take clomid to help balance out my hormones. I am hoping this time that if I can lose enough weight (so far i have lost 10kg) my body might get there on its own.



    4baby, u can’t jinx yurself. just think like a teen that dun wanna be preg…haaa….that’s funni…



    Lonivk – Soooo sorry for your loss!!! I hope your stay in TTC this time around is SUPER short!!! Laura – Ughhh come on BFPPPPP!!!!



    ok so confused AGAIN about my CM, i have EWCM and am expecting AF Friday…??

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