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    Thats what I mean it seems he may really not be ready for another baby.



    I used a cheap dollar tree test! I’m too scared to buy an expensive one and get a bfn lol



    thank you as always Diane-taketwo…you are the best!!! I did have a very normal AF last month and am due again the 15th of this month. we were thinking that everything was fine but then I started having some strange symptoms similar to what I experienced when I was pregnant last time. my husband is pretty convinced I am but it is still too early to really know. I really don’t see how it is possible but I am taking care of myself anyway just to be safe!



    ladies thnk u for the positive support atm we are usung the pull out method and im still breast feeding so my partner knows theres that small percentage of us getting pregnant again. the only thing tht is putting me off a little is we wud need a bigger hme n bigger car.. we love our home and have worked so hard to make it what it is. guess we shall see what the future holds for us xx


    DI-I had 12 pounds in me-AND THAT WAS PLENTYYY!! For the last 2 months I had to keep ‘feeling ‘ down there as I thought a foot was coming out of me…..19 pounds—-sheeeeshhhhh that was a nightmare-not a dream lol



    update ladies… so AF is due in 6 days and I just couldn’t wait and I POAS again… i used the 6days early response and I did it at night (I know morning urine is best but I just couldn’t wait) at first I was very disappointed and almost in tears b/c I saw a BFN… but upon closer inspection I saw a faint line… I really hope it turns into a bright line tomorrow morning… I just need to know if I am pregnant or not!!! I can’t try next month, as Im a graduate student and if I get pregnant this month I give birth right after my finals and I can stay with the baby for whole summer… so Im really praying for that BFP!!! BABY DUST TO ALLL***



    Jen, I never had a single indication I was pregnant with my son until I was 7 weeks along! Don’t worry if you don’t feel pregnant right now. Only 50% of women actually get morning sickness. You might notice your boobs are a little more tender, maybe a runny nose, or headaches? All that stuff may be an early pregnancy symptom.



    It’s ok af started full on yesterday ! Awaiting my appointment date to see the gynaecologist and start tests .
    Sher baby ! Lovely to hear from you , glad all is going well x



    Hi ladies – have just had a fantastic weekend of celebrations for my 30th birthday organised by DH. Spent Friday night sleeping over at the Melbourne Zoo and then Saturday at the Zoo – Sat night was a night in Melbourne in lovely accommodation – but i had forgotten to take my opk’s with me….
    Just home and tested with an opk and it’s positive…. so more BD’ing over the next 72 hours and then the 2ww begins….
    it’s actually a fantastic birthday present to arrive home to – I finally actually know that I’m o’ing this month!!! almost as exciting as the BFP I think… until I get one of those…..
    ok – so have we had any more BFP’s over the past 2 days – what’s the count now???



    I was soo frustrated and then I just stopped and really looked at my charts and OPKs and it helped me out. It made me feel like I am actually leaning something from this and not just doing it over and over. After I figured things out I began to relax!



    Thank you ladies, it means a lot to me and my husband. I have to go back to the doctor tomorrow, which I’m not happy about because I feel it will be another reminder of what I already know. This is the first time it’s happened and I pray it’s the last. I hope & pray we all have our dreams come true and have a healthy, safe pregnancy.



    Hello, new to this. I have three kids and am 34. currently have the Mirena in place and plan to have it removed in January. Has anyone ever had this removed. I am going to have to do same day surgery due to the lack of strings attached to the Mirena. thanks



    So sorry 44me. Sparky – I don’t know anything about rosehip & hibiscus tea. I’m 7dpo, but feeling like I’m out this month already. My bbs are really sore, but they were last month for some reason too, so I’m not chalking it up to anything special. I’m going to try to hold off testing until February. We’ll see how that goes. I’m not to good at being patient.



    Ladies my beta from yesterday came back at 65. I thought it should be higher considering I got a bfp on a digital on sunday. My next beta is early Friday am. Please pray it doubles. I am soo afraid I will lose this rainbow baby 🙁



    Good Morning Ladies 🙂

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