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    googie–keep your hopes up, maybe she got the pix that she’s not invited this month…or for the next 9+ months for that matter!
    Bone–thnx! i don’t feel so bad now. i too try to pysch myself out. Even now I am doing the same thing. Sending you all some sticky baby dust!!


    OMG.. after i was ready to give up and think nah its not gonna happen.. I think i seen a 2nd line on my hpt.. I’m not really sure if it is, but I lined it up with the instruction paper so i know where exactly the line should be, and i could just see it. i even compared it to the 1 i done yesterday afternoon, and there is a slight difference cos one i took yesterday i couldn’t even see a line, and this 1 i can just see it.. its very very faint though but i think its there.. I be testing again later on to confirm it, but OMG..



    Afternoon Ladies

    I have been reading the last 5-6pages catching up. Congrats to Mrsg22tx, sounds very positive :o)

    I am feeling a tad scrunchie today, I explained to Rach earlier, that BF and I were doing the do and he pulled out! I told him he didnt need to do that anymore (I had an op a couple of wks ago, so it was a just in case) he just said ‘he will be doing it for a while’ I was like eh! How is my plan (OPK’s and O’ing) supposed to work if he does that! If he is going to do that, his spermies need to be super swimmers for when he decides to resume normal play. So I packed him off this morning with his Tardis lunch bag and a tin of Heinz Tomato Soup! Ha have some of that buddy!!!!



    well just got back form my doc app she wants me to see a specialist to maybe get my tubes flushed as she doesnt wana start me on clomid as my severe case of cysts on my ovaries so hubby and oi are very positive that at least the ball is rolling and not lonmg nwo and we are gona be pregnant.. my gyno app is in 3 weeks geez do i hope it goes fast..congrats on the 2 bfps today yipy lol



    Hi ladies, sorry I have been quiet this morning. I have been ‘working’!!! I know, I am expected to work for my wages. Cheek of it! Rach x



    Wow…. I was seriously just sitting here and I got a pain in my lower left side of my abdomen. It’s pretty much gone away now, but that kind of hurt a little.



    dreams make sleep restless and al i want is a restless nights sleep, not one dream, but cant shake them,



    hey ladies congrates to the bfp this morning well it’s morning here LOL update here my temps have skyrocketed I think I should stop temping before they go down so don’t want that disappointment if it goes down might have to give it to dh to hide. any way 7dpo and on cd 21 I can test as early as cd 26 to cd30 so depends how long I can wait to test LOL I already have a poas urge sooo bad



    hey Stainbacks- not to get your hope up or anything but just a bit of info… When a women gets pregnant, of course her body will fell slugish but also her body will start to produce more blood for the growing baby… this can result in you gums bleeding when you brush your teeth or even you nose bleeding just because… when i was pregnant with my lil girl my dog hit me in the nose(she didnt mean to) and my nose bleed for like an hour.. it felt like someone had sucker punched me…lol… so the was just my lil input for the day,…lol


    Hi davializius, I had my baby last Aug and she’s going 2b 7months old (this month) and I haven’t seen my period.. The question is: are you BF exclusively? because if you are, It may takes up to a year or more..


    Prayers to the ones with bleeding……..prayers and baby dust to all in the room, and BFP prayers to those testing this weekend. I went ahead and tested just in case today, but nothing, so im going to just stick to my new schedule…..FIrst week of Dec i will test………



    Yay ferbeyfer!!! Come on BFPs!!!


    dsquared…if you look right below where you type your comments, there is a list of used abbreviations. At least a lot of them.



    Does anybody else watch YouTube TTC videos? I can’t stop watching these ladies stories! Makes me so hopeful.



    becbrad438….If it helps….I take those dollar tests which help bring my stress down a little and 2 things could happen……You could get a negative and feel a little less stressed or you get a positive. I got a negative the other day and AF showed up at the crack of dawn, It helps me not be so stressed.

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