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    Question Ladies!!!… I am sooo confused Started first cycle of BC May 11 …. had (brown) spotting CD 18-20 BFN on cycle day 30 and then CD 31 started af .. but she only lasted 36 hours … does that count as af ???



    Every once in a while I get a cramp like its coming, but still nothing. To top it off I woke up with EWCM this morning, but now its bright white if that makes since.



    cd14. Fingers crossed for 3rd baby. Since dh and i decided on baby number3, i’d like to have my baby quickly on belly. Good luck to u all.



    This time last year I was enjoying every moment with my nearly two month old baby. This time this year I’m enjoying every moment with my nearly fourteen month old toddler! Time flies!



    hi all im back ttc for #3. my 2nd is only 8 months but took such a long time to conceive her we decided not to wait this time. we know i dont ovulate regulary if at all each month.
    my husband thought it was really funny to say, ‘maybe your like a dog and you dont ovulate every month your just in season around february (as thats when both my girls were conceived) was kinda funny but i was not impressed at the time/ but really hope i dont have to wait till next feb to get my bfp, so we’ll just see what happens!



    dsquare, i call my dr to confirm teh # cuz after chatting w/u i thought i misheard them and she said my number is 1543.



    i’m in my 3rd cycle…took me 12 cycles with DD who’s now 3 and a half



    I LOVE DIGITAL!!!!! Just ran to the store and bought a FR and a Clear Blue Digital, I don’t know why but seeing the word Pregnant sent me into a crazy excited frenzy!



    Sunflower when i upload from my phone i have to take the memory card out of the phone put it in the computer and download it to the computer then upload it to here i don’t know of an easier way to do it



    This room is very quiet right now where is everyone…..CD 11 and waiting on the O day. been BD every other day till i know its getting closer to O then its everyday…….who else is on CD11


    ok not to be tmi but i held it in for over an hour so does that increase the odds?



    I usually don’t get cramps till the day i get my period. Do you have to bleed for it to be implantation? Or could it just be implantation cramps?



    hey ladies, keeping you all in my thoughts and shaking baby dust! Can’t wait to see some more BFP’s they seem to come in groups 🙂



    Good luck to you Lily, sounds promising. I just now saw Dsquared’s photos! How exciting, I dream of twins!

    Ashes: How we doing? i’m on day 3 of provera, blah, 7 more days then i wait for AF but my soy is sittimg on top of my sink!

    What made you take it days 2-6 though?



    wantababy, 1500mg-2000mg/day from AF till O; Congrats Jenn80!!

Viewing 15 posts - 90,736 through 90,750 (of 131,346 total)

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