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    good for you, I have no patience 😀 Friday isn’t too far away now though


    mommytoabi- I totally understand how you feel. I start to feel hostile toward new comers as well. Its difficult when you come on her and then see fakes who claim they got pregnant first try then lose the baby, then fall pg again asap. Its also hard when you have had a loss, and look to fellow ttcer’s for some comfort, but you don’t know who you can trust. I’m personally tired of feeling like I have to watch my behind every time I come on here, for fear of some creep knowing my personal struggles with TTC. Its best to try and just ignore the people who you feel are fake. If no one responds, maybe they will go away. Keep your head up hun. Stick to those who you know you can trust. Its hard being here in the first place, just try to ignore the things that make your blood boil. We need to stay calm and relaxed for the sake of our bodies and hopefully soon growing babies!


    Awwww wow sounds exciting



    Lk they will wake up anytime between 7 and 9am. My 4 yr old wakes and goes to sleep by the sun! If he opens. His eyes and there is light outside its time to get up even if its 5 am, and if the sun goes down its time for bed!



    boyoboy, usually if i eat sour stuff i will get my af earlier



    Thank you urnaa for the kind words, I agree with you on all of it! I was also thin before my kids the sad part is I didn’t know it! Looking back at pictures from highschool I wanna gibbs slap myself for thinking the way I did because I looked good and didn’t know it lol I think its a girl thing!



    Happy, you can also get a showing of EWCM after O (we can get bursts of estrogen after O that causes a little EWCM to show up), but unlike when you are fertile (where it tends to show up and stick around for a few days) the post ovulation EWCM tends to show up after you go to the bathroom, then a few hours later, you notice it’s gone. It is also usually more ‘globby’ and tinged yellow, orange or cloudy after ovulation. EWCM can also show up on the day before AF, and is like the outer coating of your uterine lining coming away first. CM is rarely entirely predictable, or like it ‘should’ be. If you do notice you have several times a month at random times in your cycle where the EWCM lasts for more than a day, you might want to mention it to your doctor, especially if you start to get actively into TTC and you feel it might be indicating something is ‘off’ hormonally.



    @Tara, im going threw the same thing now with the CM. i too am anxious to find out. Im so ready to… i hate playing the waiting game:(



    as far as me with the soy if i dont get prego this month i will just alternate months that way i dont overdo it.



    Hi Ladies, Just wanted to check in. Its super busy here at my work today, so I cant log on as much. I think I am about 6 or 7 days DPO right now. My boobs are sore and especially under my armpits today. I have slight stomach aches and back and thigh pain. It sounds a bit like AF symptoms, might be comming but Im hoping its something else. Just wanted to update.



    tiffyy – I think society used to ‘blame’ the woman before we knew much about genetics. Anyone who would still blame the woman is just ignorant and not well informed. There’s no arguing with science! Your poor sis! 🙁



    Trying–do you think it will effect if I concieve this month?



    midcycle spotting maybe amanda but it could also be the soy having an effect on ur cycle….its hard to say hun…did u hold ur pee for two hours at least and test in the afternoon 2-4pm???



    welcome back and4eva! well ladies im off to bed and will take my 70th OPK tomorrow morning hahaha I am laughing at myself because that is way too many but hey if i didnt take that many I would have never known I would be O’ing on or around CD25 🙂



    CD13 and still no postive OPK… i just feel like crying… why am i not ovulating???

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