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    Erin: I believe so… When i had the nurse visit she said they would do an ultrasound at the doctor visit 🙂 so next wednesay 🙂 wish it woul hurry up… ill be almost 9 weeks then 🙂



    I use to live in Queensland but moved back to Auckland early in September



    I think I’m out this month but will still be testing with first response on Christmas Day just incase xx



    Turtlefur- You are too funny. I know the feeling though. I is like, wow it will be this time and after you do it you know it’s a BFN but keep hoping for a spark. I am refraining till Friday!



    Ok so I checked my cervix and its high again surely I can’t be ovulating again last time I ovulated was 23 days ago xx



    @ trying are you testing early? or can you get a better test fingers crossed its not an evp line.



    sorry dragonsoccermom i didnt see your post 🙂 from your post it sounds like your heart is more set on taking a break. Also the stress of going back may affect things as well as time to do the all important baby dancing!! can you always go back to it at a later date? i would say register for the soccer its good to keep fit whilst TTC and if you were playing whilst not knowing you were pregnant then the baby is still very well protected down in the pelvis. Then you would just have to stop as soon as you found out incase of rough tackles or something. i seem to have had very drunken nights out without realising i was pregnant with both my kids lol. It will also give you something to focus on other than baby making 😀 I love soccer but we call it football here.
    Im on CD 13 so its all go go go haha! hope you get your BFP so your decisions willl be a whole lot easier x



    Goodluck coco, im pretty sure duffy got a faint bfp but well know more in a few days! I added 2 fake temps for the next to days on ff and if my temps do really go up in the next few days then I am currently 2dpo according to ff.



    Hello ladies. Do you think that BD’ing every other day is the best. Starting the day after your period ends? I’m going to be using OPK’s, so should we still do every other day or everyday during positive OPKs? Also what helps with cervical mucus? I’m rather dry (I think it’s my antihistamine I’m taking that’s causing it) What about pre-seed? If so how much etc. My ears are open to anything! I’ve been stressing these last couple months so I know that’s a red flag. I’m trying my best to relax, which is difficult as I know about 20 people that are pregnant right now. Thanks for listening to my questions!


    LOL! OMG you are sooo hilarious!!!



    Yay Kesh! Let us know! And as far as temps, I’ve seen lots of charts like that. Are u temping at the same time every day?



    Aw I rekon if we have a boy hell be a sook (actually no he won’t not with us as parents haha) tahlias as tough as 10 boys haha. Aw iv never had an inspection! Goodluck 🙂 .. And yeh DUFFY! We could of had lunch together today!



    Yay! we can be testing buddies 🙂 I forgot to write down when my last cycle started so its kind of a guess based on something I wrote on another forum. lol



    I am so sorry thebigtomato – hopefully sometime in the not too distant future you can get back on the TTC trail….good luck


    Hi Ladies. After 9 weeks of being pregnant I had yet another miscarrige. I have to go to the Dr. tomorrow to determine whether everything got out alright and then I have to go for a list of blood tests to determine why I’m having the miscarriages. Feeling super depro and NOT in the mood to work. Have to through, even it is just to keep my mind busy. Enjoy your day.

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