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    Yay! Congrats ladies! Hopefully all that baby dust will rub off on the rest of us too! hehe…Have a good day y’all!**********



    Thats awesome we got one BFP this weekend!! Lets keep them coming ladies!!


    oh another symptom is constipation this week and gassy lol



    good luck rissy, i just started round 2 of clomid today! baby dust to you and good luck!



    Hali–thanks for that info about the CP check. I found that I do cramp after checking. So I WILL stop that. Thought it was just a sign that AF is coming. Maybe it’s more…wink wink lol



    Katie, the first day you need at least a liner because you have red flow is CD 1. If there is only spotting on wiping then not CD 1 yet.



    are you going to have a chat about it tonight rooey? hello tryingagain x



    JakesMummy – sliding down hill on a tea tray?!!! You are probably rright!!!



    firstlittleangel – THAT IS WONDERFUL NEWS!!! Congratulations x x x x



    well i think i have convinced hubby for baby #3…except, of course he got called away to work for 3 weeks and im due to O this weekend!!!! he left already so that pretty much counts me out this month which sucks cuz i kinda dont want to try next month as i dont want a december baby…gggrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! i guess i will wait and see how long my cycle is this month and if works out that it would be an early december baby then maybe i will go for it….crap this sucks!!! the only way i could possibly be preggo this month is if his seed from last night lives a long time and i O earlier than expected, which is unlikely 🙁



    im shattered, but it has to do with too much alcohol, and not enough sleep time, i must remember i am not 17 anymore!


    Hi I am new to the site. Me and my husband have been TTC for a couple of months and I keep getting AF every month. I thought If I got on this site that I could get some support from some of yall. Thanks


    Have a good day! Im outtie! Baby dust***********Oh, and BTW, DH insisted that we BD with me on top last night, i was so mad, im sure every bit of baby gravy came out as i rushed off and tried frantically to shove a pillow up under me! I have news for him tonite, we are gonna BD my way! LOL



    @ abbottbaby -> gl to you also here’s to BFP for both of us.


    hey girls, if you want to have a good laugh, check out my latest blog……..i almost woke DH up, cause I was laughing so hard, nearly peed my pants!

Viewing 15 posts - 90,991 through 91,005 (of 131,346 total)

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