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    Can someone PLEASE look at my chart and tell me why on earth I keep having such large drops in temp.. AF is still a ways out..



    Hey ladies, just thought I’d join the discussion. I’m a smoker as well. When I was pregnant last time, I found out on NYE 2007, and conveniently enough my new years resolution for 2008 was to quit smoking, so it worked out prefectly for me. Or so I thought. I m/c at around 9 weeks, and I was smoke free for about 2-3 months, then I just couldn’t handle the stress I was going through at that time, and I am smoking again. Thankfully I only smoke 1 pack in about 2 days, sometimes in 3, so when I quit again it will be relatively easy. I want to quit now, before I get pregnant again, but I can’t seem to convince myself I can handle the stress of TTC without them. I know I can quit when I need to, I did it before. Sorry for rambling..



    Babybum – sounds like classic ov signs! BD awayyyyy!


    Im still rooting for you C



    TPSMANN the 2ww starts on 1dpo (generally 2 wks til next AF) i normally start testing about 7dpo cos i am unfortunately seriously addicted to poas! good luck!!



    okay so CD26 and i am spotting??? wierd, never has happened before i have spotted twice this cycle, any ideas?


    Thanks Taylor well I just got off BC May 8th so this would be cycle 2 still dragging on…. last month was a 30 day cycle with spotting CD 18 -20 and this month so far would be Cd 34 so far with a tiny spotting at CD33 ….. If it was implantaion how long would I have to wait to test!!!



    Lol sarah, thats better than bein scared of spiders! at least birds cant get in ur house 🙂



    mamadear-We did the OPK for 3 months before getting our BFP. You should BD everyday you get a + as well as the 2-3 days after your + goes back to -. Also, this month, the other thing we did was starting at CD10 we BD’s every other day regardless of the OPK’s results. We made sure to BD everyday of the + OPK’s and then 2 days after it as well. If you BD every other day from CD10 on to the end of your cycle, you should in theory hit window regardless of when it is.



    wannabeamum- I tried to look over your previous posts to see if I have the same thing as you. I have been off BC since beg of Feb. I have had normal withdrawal bleed then over the past three months have had spotting which turned into more ‘normal’ AF between 24-27 days. My last AF was on 16th April after 5 days of spotting. I had AF symptoms but no AF two weeks ago and am now on day 42. I tested last thurs with digital and got a BFN. So I have no idea what is going on. Yesterday I thought I had egg white CM and a little today but I checked and I thought there was the tinest pink tinge to it. So who knows what is going on. I used the OPK for a week from day 12 and all neg so I gave up because they are SO expensive! I am really trying not to stress out but now I have to drop wee sample to docs tomorrow morn and I am too worried to test. My BF is saying that I should get checked to see what is going on either way. 🙁 I’d rather just have had period and then get on with ttc but not knowing is really hard. Sorry to rant! xx enjoy your BDing



    Congrats on all bfps! Looks like Dec is also gonna b a good month!! 🙂



    C- I had that pink CM a few times over the last few cycles. Normally about 5-6 days before AF. If It gets more and darker I would think it would be AF, it if stays the same or goes probably implantation. It is so annoying when the cycles go like this. Why can we just say ‘ok every month on the 4th 5th is ovulation date’ and UREKA preggers when WE want!! Grrrr. Sorry I’ve probably not been much help but I did have that the (tmi) it went brown and clotted. So far I have no spotting but VERY light creamy/pink cm which I can still only see when checking up there. Think I’m just going to see tomorrow and then HPT again as haven’t for over a week now. Hope you’re ok x



    Hello everyone, is anyone as confused and feb up with their cycles as I am , I never know when I am going to Ov , and end up spending a furtune on OPKs just incase I miss it , last cycle is was day 7 and the one before was day 20 and now its day 10 and no sign yet either , is there anything you can take to regulate them ?



    Congrats Myangeltwins!



    Hey Ladies…I took a OPK test for the 4th day in a row & I am pretty sure it was positive…Can you all look at it on my profile & let me know what you think? it is the last picture under my pics…Thanks! 🙂

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