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    They arrested some bloke for starting the fires……………….the police etc are saying he deserves a fair trial. My money is on him getting set on fire in jail. Let him burn is the general feeling of all Aussies.



    I hope everyone is doing well. I am TTC right now. The ovulation calendar says I am most fertile tomorrow. Well, my last cycle came 5 days early. My husband and I have been BD’ing every other day since Wednesday. I don’t want to miss the window since my cycle came early. What do y’all think?



    I should have ovulated on the 10th and my cycle is not normal.; It can be anywhere from 24-31 days, when should I test?



    That link is not bringing me to your chart tmama 🙁 You need to go in through the sharing menu to get the right link. It should end in a series of letters and numbers. Don’t worry too much about your temp creeping up – some women have seasonal changes in their BBT – as the weather changes, so does your base temp! What matters is still seeing an eventual clear shift indicating you ovulated. If you are concerned, on thing worth checking is your estrogen levels. Estrogen is a ‘cool’ hormone and is responsible for keeping temperatures on the lower side before you ovulate – after ovulation, progesterone takes over. Progesterone is a ‘warm’ hormone and is what causes the ‘thermal shift’ – good luck!!



    avas, thanks for the hug. and I am still holding out hope for your very own BFP next week!!


    Congrats Texas…wishing you a happy & healthy nine months xx


    Hello Ladies



    leggy, hard to say, as PMS and pregnancy mirror each other. Best to wait another day or so and test again if ni AF. Good luck!



    congrats smallblessings!!!



    so i took another pregnancy test and an ovulation test. because i heard some ovulation test detect pregnancy quicker than pregnancy test. The pregnancy test was still negative however the ovulation test was darker than yesterdays ovulation test. can this be a sign of early pregnancy? i ovulated on the 24th of january (confirmed with ovulation test then). so i cant possibly be getting close to ovulating again if my af is due 7th of feb… if anyone has any advice…..


    I’m so confused!! AF last came on 3/2. I then had spotting for 2.5 weeks starting about 10 days after AF came. Since the spotting stopped I have had NOTHING. My doc told me to do a hpt and I have done several…two were BFP (faint, but def there) the rest were BFN. My blood level was <5 so I know I wasn't preggers then, but at that time I would have only been about 3 weeks. Still no AF. What the heck is going on????



    BFN for me too 🙁 Hopefully new year will bring us our sweet little baba xx



    Anyone there???


    Just a quick shout out to the GODS above….. a big thank you for the last minute late symptom pre AF-LOOSE BOWELS!!!!!!!!! Its been so much fun hanging out in the bloody bathroom all freakin day! Finish already will ya!



    congrats jumana thats definitley positive x

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