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    morning all (10.06 am here is South australia) just took my 5th opk and im pretty sure its a positive!!! so ive uploaded a pic onto my profile, can someone have alook and tell me if you think its a pos??? its a little bit blurry but its the best i could do..thanks in advance..


    IM SENDING LOTS OF *:*:*:*AF STAY FAR AWAY VIBES*:*:*:* and *+*+*+*BIG FAT POSITIVE VIBES*+*+*+* No matter what method your trying this month I wish success for eveyone! You ladies are so much more ‘talkative’ so if you don’t mind I’d like to stay here awhile longer and let y’all know how things are going…I dont want to offend those ttc or make anyone feel bad and if I do please tell me! Thank you ladies!


    Hi ladies! im from week 13 want wanted you to check this out this is another pregnancy website,you ladies should go check it out theres lots of forums for before,during and after pregnancy.use this link and then register so i can have referrals. great website with baby tickers too!
    check it out its a great site!



    Very light spotting … not enough to mark a pad though… hopefully this is the start of af…. next month we will officially start ttc!


    Cassie, what about Vitex?? That’s natural and safe to take while nursing? I’m nursing as well and waiting for mine to come in the mail..



    maybe this is everyone month for a long cycle! With both my girls I tested the day of my missed period and got faint pos… bfn here so far…



    sunflower- FX for you hun (((hugs)))



    croissant – Holy crap you are crackin my up! LOL



    Well i think my af is about to arrive. Never thought I would be so pleased to announce it is coming. 4wks ago to the day I had a m/c. Was wondering how long it would take to get back on track, but looks like we are right on schedule. I am so damn damn damn EXCITED to get back on the ttc train. Its been a hard month and long wait. So happy to be back here with you all! Good luck and baby dust to everyone!!!



    no not trying long at all…. but i just built up anticipation….. then boom pfn… but looks like there is still hope 🙂


    Mommymachine I’ve also got cramping on my rightside, I don’t know if its my mentrual cycle kicking in or implantation, congrats to you ladies this eve 😀 xx


    Now this is just plain wierd…I went to one of those calculate my due date based on O day and it said I would be 3 weeks (not sure how many days) and the ER doc kept saying youd only be 3 weeks and its likely you either are or arent hence the beta check when the other tests came back with different results. I thought my God this doc is smokin crack! But when I look at the bd calendar it coinsides with what I have there. So I looked up walmarts Equate pg tests and did find some posts about women getting faint lines when not pg and one lady had her 10 yo poas and it was faintly pos- not bright faint but there and within the same time limit..but why all the symptoms? Ive had them since around the 19th of June-would pg sx show up like that and conflicting tests? Will the beta show anything if the Y/N blood test was neg? My God is there really some slim chance?? I must be n denial..Its just not possible. I cant test again-dh wants to wait and see what beta comes back as and to see if the bleeding returns.



    Toomany- I am sorry to hear about your results, how long have you been on clomid for?

    I have managed to get an appointment Friday with my doc. This is the first time I have been about fertility. I’m not getting my hopes up though, I don’t think they will be very helpful. I think they will say I can’t get help because I am young and because I already have a child. If they wont help I think this is the end of the road for me because I can’t afford private treatment 🙁



    momof2…where are u in ur cycle? maybe ur cervix was low at the time?? or it could be a yeast infection ( tmi sorry, but hurtin sex usually is a good sign)



    Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mommies 🙂 Hope everyone has a great day!! @mommymachine- Congrats!! I’d wait a couple of days and take another to be sure 🙂 Hope you have a happy,healthy 9 months! AF is due in 2-3 days..not really having AF symptoms. My mom informed me that ‘you don’t need to take a test..i KNOW you’re just look like it..Momma’s know these things!’ Soooo I guess we shall see! She was right with DS. I’m planning on testing on the 12th, FX for a BFP!!!

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