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    CD2 and the cramps were horrible this morning. Finally feeling better now though. Trying to stay hopeful for this cycle. MrsBugs- you are right, its time to start seeing some BFP’s in here!



    so srry maureen i had the same thing happen to me its awful i really feel for you. you are in my prayers her is some sticking dust !!



    I did think that b/c I had been on Birth Control since I was 18 and wondered if it had messed me up. When we tried for Jillian I stopped my bc and 2 weeks later I was pregnant. My hubby kept trying to get me to take a test but I didnt want to be disapointed. I finally took one and bam…it said I was pregnant! I guess the bc didnt mess me up…thank goodness! The u/s kept giving me different due dates…I was due at 3 different times of the month!!


    Sarah4186 – I am so sorry for your loss! Prayers to you and your husband!



    joan – I got 50 OPK test strips for $15 on ebay. Still waiting for my fertile time this cycle to see how they work, I’ll let you know.



    Hi guys… just had to share! Yesterdays vs. todays! I think my #s should be doing good :0) still doesn’t feel real! lol Photobucket



    Whoo hooo, PTL, my 2nd beta is 315 from 68!!!! It doubled in like 28hrs LOL! SOO Excited!!!! Sonogram scheduled for Oct 2nd. Praying this Rainbow baby is here to stay 🙂


    My doc forgot to call in something for pain , rrrrrrrrrrrrrr. its so agrivating.



    Ladies!! question – EAF ison CD 30 (march 27th) but I’ve had what seems like quite a bit of CM lately. Shouldn’t I be drying up as I near AF?? Also, I decided to go ahead and try the cervical position thing, and I can’t reach it unless I bare down. I even took it a step farther and felt my cervix which seems hard a little, but also soft and wet and I was able to get my fingertip in there. Ididn’t dare go any farther. Any idea what all this means? TIA



    phew, he hasnt completely squashed it! silly dog!!! Thanks Dawn, I defo need something to eat and drink, I missed lunch…..its now 3:50pm 🙁



    Stopping by and wishing all of you the most baby dust I can give!!! Congrats on the wedding! I bet your so nervous! I know I was right before my wedding! Good luck everyone!


    Kristen- the day I found out i was pregnant, my cervix was low closed tight and medium and today at almost 8 weeks its still low but soft and closed but not tight.


    Thanks for the input mommy2merae!! Looking forward to taking the test!



    yorkie – looked at your chart, not sure, might need a few more days to confirm, but by your CM it looks like you maybe O’d on CD 16



    So… I am on CD27 and I know that I could try and test today but I am torn. I don’t want a bfn, I hate them!!! But I also wanna know. This 2ww has been horrible! I also don’t feel very preggo. I know every pregnancy is different but I feel nothing except for bloated and that symptom could go either way!

Viewing 15 posts - 91,486 through 91,500 (of 131,346 total)

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