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    Welcome Dolphinchick04 – good luck getting your BFP very soon – heaps of support here in the forum!!



    ‘Baby Gravy’ ……..that’s hilarious!



    Idont know today is my husbands birthday I would love to be able to test today but its to soon. Probally next week sometime



    Hi hope i can help…i have two babies now after following some tips from the expert. you can message me if you want.



    Katie, the solid dot means you temped at your regular time, an open dot means you temped at a time that you normally do not, or you entered in the *signs* section that you had interrupted sleep. It just reminds you that the temp that day might not be entirely accurate.



    ugg, I wish I had a short week like everyone else. I only have one day off this week. And then back to work on friday. I guess that is what happens when you work in sales. I hope that everyone is having a good day.


    Its 11:52pm thursday! I’m about to hit the sheets!



    becbrad438 sorry things are not straight forward for you. I would call the doc now to get in before Thanksgiving 😉 but then I am impatient!



    Hi girlies~ My temps are still up and chart looks like I had implantation on the 7th, but still a BFN. I read that it takes 5-7 days after implantation for anything to show up on a HPT. Fingers crossed. Please feel free to look at my chart on my profile 🙂
    Baby dust to all.******* CONGRATS TO 1mommyto2*******



    Hey Trecmac – me too – got my first positive OPK yesterday and again today…. I know what we’ll be doing as soon as we get home today 🙂
    fingers crossed his swimmers do their job properly and take their GPS with them just in case….



    crazy-im with u-i think im 1 dpo ill test on the 30th



    Good afternoon ladies…I’m so sad because i think I have diabitis…my doc will call me with the result but do u guys know if I can get pregnant with deabitis or not? pls helpppppppp



    thank you im dying to test but think i’ll wait til sunday if AF hasnt arrived by monday morning i’ll be peeing as soon as my eyes open!!!!


    april…men are programmed to be providers. I’m sure he’s worrying about providing for you and the baby especially in the economy we have now. You could do what my dh and I are doing right now. We’re just practicing and if God decides it’s time, then I’ll get pg. We’re not actively trying but we’re not doing anything to prevent it either. I’m sure whatever decision you make will be the right one. Just let your fiance know that the flip-flopping is hard on you. I’m sure he’ll understand.



    lower back pain today; mild cramps. had nausea yesterday everytime i ate but figuring it is my nerves. thinking way too much about ‘if i am; if i’m not PG’ gotta let things take itsown course…..congrats to all the BFP’s

Viewing 15 posts - 91,516 through 91,530 (of 131,346 total)

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