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    welcome veronikalg!!



    jmc, I’m in your boat! I’m so excited for our BFP’s but just wish I was one of them.



    Brie, progesterone supplements can raise your BBT. Because progesterone is a ‘warm’ hormone, it will cause your temps to rise, and if your dose is high enough, may even delay AF. Are you taking a pill or suppository supplement, or just the cream? Cream is so low dose it should not impact BBT, or if it does, very minimally.



    pls guys check my opk in my photobook and tell me what u think thx!!



    MrsL8487 – thanks hon. My last cycle was 47 days, its ridiculous! Have you tried opk’s or bbt charting? I’m gonna do both for next cycle, I’ve already started bbt charting using and I think its much more useful for us long cycle ladies. Opk’s are ok but you need to buy them in bulk online if you don’t want to spend a fortune.



    congrats to you both of the BFP’s today!!! So happy for you! Enjoy it!



    Hey ladies, I am popping in from pregnancy week 30 and just want to say keep on trying!! My husband and I had our daughter 7 years ago and started trying when she was about 1.5 years old. So it was a long hard road for us. We never turned to fertility meds or specialists just always kept the mentality that it is what it is and when it is meant to be we will be blessed. Now here we are getting ready to finally welcome our second child into the world after 5.5 years of waiting for our time to come.



    then i have a big possibility. its such a weird feeling – it wasnt planned but im secretly crossing my fingers. how long u been trying?



    XoXoBabyKisses – i wouldnt count yourself out…if it is brown coming out that means its old blood, its not a fresh bleed and if your only 3 DPO your fertilized egg still has approx. 4-6 more days before it will implant



    aime12-Instead of fertility treatment, you may want to look into NaPro Technology. It is a natural way to try to figure out why you are unable to become pregnant and then without unnatural drugs, try to fix the problem (perhaps using vitamins, changing diet, or other things). It is not as expensive as fertility treatment. Check it out at



    So…I’m CD9, finished Clomid 2 days ago, and now I’m cramping. Like, period cramping. Could I be getting ready to ovulate already? I called my Dr this morning to see if this is possible and his nurse called me back and told me to start an OPK. She said to go for it even with my PCOS. It was negative. So I will test again tomorrow!



    lol LC I think we all wish that we never have to use OPKs again lol



    well AF due today and so far she is a no-show…i have been cramping off and on so im sure she is on her way…my temps went from being their highest to today it dropped down to my coverline so i guess im just waiting it out until she shows up!!!



    mendy it will take a while for your body to return to normal.. at least one cycle, your body will cleanse itself and your hormone levels will fall. its different for every woman, I was doing some research for the TTC after loss forum and I found that normally you will ovulate again 14 + days after a miscarriage but that it will take you about 2 weeks to heal fully so please try to refrain from BD for 2 weeks so that you don’t introduce infection to your bits. hope that helps! x


    Ordered mid stream tests

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