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    ha ha i mean i think that is 2 weeks from the day i ‘o’ed



    Nicole, you can go from negative OPK to positive overnight. Keep using them and tracking your temp. How long is your cycle usually? When you get a + OPK you will ovulate within 48 hours. (most women ovulate the following day) If you are pushing your average slightly to try for girl, then the last BD session should be just before or the day of + OPK. OPKs are not error proof, and it is possible they will not catch the surge if your pee is diluted at all, or if you have a fast surge. Good luck!



    kristy, you should go to get blood work done. Early bleeding is common but if the light pink gets darker, for sure go to the hospital.


    Lady- It would not be normal to ovulate that quick after O. For one thing if you did things like that you would most likely have super irregular periods or very few periods. That would not be enough time for your eggs to even mature. Now remember you have many hormones constantly changing . Increased cm doesnt mean you are going to ovulate necessarily. For example my cm becomes stretchy again after O right before Af . When Af comes it starts with stretchy cm mixed with blood then goes to just heavy bleeding. I hope that helps.



    hi everyone, well im on the 2ww now i am fairly sure i o’d yesterday or the day before i did another opk today and the test line was alot lighter than the last couple of days which were darker than the control line so hopefully we get preggers this month but it is our first month trying after i have been on BC so you never know is anyone else testing around the the end of the month?



    Diane-taketwo. I’m not religious but I’m sending good thoughts your way. x



    i took one a week ago, and I am starting to get symptoms of af



    Hey ladies, just sticking my beak in from 7 weeks to say I’m rooting for you all and sending lots of babydust x also if anyone wants a freebie I’d be happy to send all my hpt’s and opk dipsticks (new and unused obviously!!) to you. there’s about 50-100 easy!! Just message me ur address and first one to claim them I will send them to you gladly!



    10dpo and BFN. Gonna test again at 14dpo. I don’t think this is the month, even though I’ve felt unusually crappy lately.



    Monica9 – Blah! Hoping it isn’t AF!


    I’m not motivated to work. Anyone hear from Cleo anymore? I wonder how she is?



    nursinggirl23226// Yes get a digital! I always get a faint positive with the equate brand and then af shows up idk why i get them agaib but this month i wont! HOpe you are pregnant!! BABY DUST!



    Well back to the questions over The Melting Pot. That is a wonderful fondue restaurant, but unless you are doing just deserts, it is very expensive. It is a wonderful experience, but yes it would be for a special occasion. I have already told my BF that is where I want to go for Valentines Day. lol I just hope he books it now to get in there on that day.



    I was on my cycle for about 3 to 4 days. About 3 or 4 days after my AF I BD I got preggers. I use to BD on the day I ovulated and never got preggers. I know for sure it was day 8 because that was the only day I BD that month. Good luck to all the mommies TTC!!



    shannon i would go to the store and buy a test just to make sure goodluck!!!

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