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    So I could swear AF showed up at 3am, but when. Just went to the rr there was only slightly discolored urine on the TP, sorry for tmi but I don’t really know what that means?



    OMG – I’ve tried to get on that site and it’s something else! I’ve been on there a thousand times but it won’t come up on my browser…it’s some other generic site!


    Haha Rascal. This whole TTC journey is making us all a little cooky!! I’m just glad they gave me my mojey or I dunno what would of happened. The manager’s hands were shaking just as much as mine were. Im sure I scared the crap out of em all.


    Emmalynsmom you can have a look at my charts if you want they wont make much sense though as i found out i was pg 12 days after i thought i had AF


    Uh-Oh… Back pain and stomach cramps! Maybe this month isn’t my month after all! So many ladies testing soon!! GL to all of you! *Baby Dust!*


    Ashes~Is~TTC -I know huh!!! LOL I was looking at your pics the other day and I was lile OMG I remember her….duh right lol (its your famous tattoos!)



    I’m still waiting!!! GRRRR hurry up AF!!!!



    AMANDA – I’m sorry. 🙁 That sucks. I hate bfn’s! I know we all do!



    Went to target after work and the 3 pack of first response early response have a bogo rebate on them and $2 coupons inside so after rebate and coupons I got 12 tests for $22…now to supress the urge to use them until at the soonest this weekend! Still a bit crampy and exhausted…



    Thank you diane-taketwo for your reply. I guess we will just see in a few days. I hate the waiting, but I guess we all do!!



    I got mine removed may 23rd I had it in 2 years and started having the cyst pains 2 weeks b4 I got it removed! As soon as it was taken out the pains stopped and 4 days later af came around the same time as usual even though I did miss aprils af from the cysts! I’m praying. I don’t have to wait long for my BFP and I hope u get ur bfp this time around and its a sticky one!



    Usually the mid-cycle spotting means ovulation has just happened or will in the next day or so.



    That’s crazy!!! They must have a lot of time on their hands!!!



    i am a lil naseuated tho…. i AM super hopefull, i really want a march baby!



    ok so i caved took a test BFN…. i know i am not completly out till af shows.

Viewing 15 posts - 9,151 through 9,165 (of 131,346 total)

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