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    Krrystys do u use OPKs? – ecstatic im waiting for AF to be late well thats what im saying now lol



    alex.aarons- you might have a fade in where it gets gradually darker…don’t get discouraged if it gets lighter. Sometimes they fluctuate a bit and BAM! positive! Good luck chica! ducky- btw, I’ve got the wondfo ones too and I really like them!



    Laura-I’ve been on a regular basis. I check out fine. DH has not had his swimmers tested but he will if we feel the need.


    xweegeex ~~ I looked it up and it said it comes before EWCM so im just goona BD like crazy!!! Its actually alot and i am haveing pain in my right overay area. Hope this is a good sign!! LOL


    I so cant sleep im up for work in just over 4 hrs grrrr


    Yeah this is the chepo test!!! I wish the man would hurry up and have too pee LMAO!!! Love my husband I made him hide a HPT test from me last night (which is still undcover) and then made him go buy some more cheap ones. I think he wans this more than I do!!!



    Karoniko-My OB told me you don’t need to wait. There are lots of opinions but that’s what she said. She told me there is no higher risks if you try right away.



    OMG… I am cramping. Had a positive OPK yesterday so I guess it is O cramps?? Never really had them before. Bd last night and will again for the next couple of days. Hoping it works!



    Omg fab! Are u ok hun? Listen to me when i say this…i was in an abusive relationship for 2 years before i had the strength to leave but DO NOT put up with it if a man puts his hands on u he is no man at all and even if this is the first time u do not wana go down that road! Stop it now, whether u leave or stay is up to u but at least get help bcuz in these situations it does not get better!!! Im so sorry that he did this to u hun and i know how scary it can be…message me if u need to talk!



    hi saawmummy! you will have lots of support here! =) I love this forum! hehe! I will say it is easy to get crazy about it and end up seriously disappointed. I think all of us have said or thought about leaving the forum bc we were becoming so obsessed BUT it isn’t the forum. It is letting TTC be at the forefront of your mind instead of the periphery! I digress! Good luck and may your TTC trip be a short one!



    You can delete your own comments. So does anyone know who Stacy12 is?



    weegee we arent using cams we just chatting x just type xxx



    As off 3 hours I will be TTC!!!!!! lol.



    A cool video:



    nite emma 🙂

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