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    cd17 temp this mornign was 97.7 yesterday was 97.0 and the day before 96.8 OPK on the day it was 96.8 what do you guys think?



    wow im in shock lol 😀 what a great way to start the day, im sitting here crying like a baby hahaha <3 D to death, wishing you all the best hun!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Any of you ladies who have been or have ever temp could you look at mine pls in my pics. I am not sure what to think as it did say I might have O between CD14 – CD 36.


    Ladies, my boobs feel a little more heavy and still feel very sore and tender…almost bruised. I’m scared to test today. AF due 3 days from now


    SOMEONE! Anyone! Goto my photos and tell me you see the second line! it appeared in 1 minute on FRER. :):):):):):) BFPPPPPP



    OK IM WORRIED… not suppose to take a hpt till 28th, baught tests today that had 2…. so i used one and BFN!!!!!!!! 🙁 you think i still have a chance???



    baby786- I’m exactly the same as you, 5 dpo. We can be testing buddies! Loulou- CONGRATS on your BFP!!!



    besides pre-seed! what is something we can do or eat to increase CM? anyone know?



    @ DoeysGirl (cassie) -> I also have PCOS but have not had any children yet. I have been on clomid for some time now and up to now has not helped me either. I was just at the fertility Dr. earlier this week. I inquired about femara aka Letrozole to see what he thought. He said to me that he was not confident that it would help if clomid has not. Anyways, he said his concern was each month we would need to know 100% with no room for error that I was not prego before I started ferama again. The reason for this is I guess if it is taken when prego it WILL cause birth defects. So as for your question I personally would not chance it having an effect on the brest milk. Your best option is to call the Dr.



    Going whatCD r u on? How long r ur cycles usually?When did u test?


    TTC month 3 for me & am BDing & testing with my OPKs for O at the mo. Been reading through the last couple of days posts – just shows how much of a rollercoaster TTC can be. @ Sunflower, I really have my FX for you that you get some positive news at the doctors. @ Baby & Ashley, congrats to you both & HH 9mths. @ Loopy, crappy news about the posibility of your holiday getting cancelled – hopefully your little munchkins pox are on their way out soon. Baby Dust to all trying this month. Stay strong and positive girls & hopefully we’ll all be blessed with our BFPs soon xx



    Chrissi – i left you a message. A question i was wondering about.



    Sooo..I’m not lh+ but have a lot of egg white cervical fluid. Its day 14..I don’t usually ovulate til day 18 but well bd tonight becase sperm lovee that type of fluid..can live for days in it. I hope I have an egg about to my fluid is so stretchy I can stretch I past all 4 I’m taking both tussin and l actyl cesteine..seems to have dne the trick



    Well I got pregnant in april 07 and and had my daughter in january . But if im not pregnant by next april then I won’t care if I get pregnant in april again haha who ever gets the bfps now will be due in july.



    @ mommymachine are you sure you O’d 3 days ago, if so is it the same side if not it could be you released another egg from the other side this month. Otherwise not sure. Fingers crossed you caught the egg and you get a BFP soon.

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