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    eyeore, we’re jeaulous of u, u have a healthy baby



    Good morning fishermen!



    hey ash!! I am on cd13…well it’s after midnight so CD14!! LOL! AN STIIILLL WAITING for O!!! GRRR!



    so I just wasted some more money… I know I shouldn’t have taken another HPT today, but as you all know, its SO HARD TO RESIST! took a FRER and it was a BFN…. SOOOOO do you think it even pays to try with the FMU? is it THAAAAT much of a difference? Because this morning with an EPT I got the faint line…. what do you all think? I have 2 FRERs left… if EPT picked up some hcg today, then FRER should pick it up tomorrow morning too, right???



    Thanks Tarajo and CarrieE. It’s good to be back. It’s great to hear everyone BFP OPK’s and BFP’s. I just hope ours happens within the next couple of months and not 2 years.



    Spooky- you know what’s best for DD so eff what anyone else in the fam thinks! 🙂



    ARMY: idk what it could be? do you temp?


    @Mommy to abi i can research online for you im just having a hard time understanding what this is



    clock strikes 5, I’m outta here, off home to make supper, will check in later. Super Babydust!!


    Oh my…I forgot how crazy us women can be 😉 (the whole fake people stuff i was reading) Funny enough, its nice to be back on this site again though. Its been 11 months since I was on with my last one. Im excited for this new journey.
    I am really praying to get preggo next month (during or after my vaca to vegas) and I stopped taking my bc sat. I should of got my pd Sunday…..still no pd. Hmmm..took 2 tests though and both negative. So odd. I just ‘knew’ with my other two.



    tiffy drs can tell through amniocentisis (sp?)… TBT- thx i know its not much about ttc because i had it before but i thought maybe my mirena caused it because the site said it may cause occasional uterine tremors….but i dont have mirena anymore and its still happening.



    this is an odd question…anyone drinking diet soda while TTC? I’m trying not to because of the aspertame but I break down and have one every now and then. Then I think, ‘crap, what if I am pregnant right now, like say 5 days along or whatever, did I just hurt the baby?’ Then again I’m a bit of a spaz right now, we want our second so badly…lol



    lol i was like like’ where did she go!?!?!’ i live in an apt so she cant go too far and then i turn around and shes sittin there in the dark happy as pie in her blow up tub ahaha 🙂 it was priceless



    LKDream- have you tested yet?



    tarajo i had an af like that when i was prego with dd.

Viewing 15 posts - 91,771 through 91,785 (of 131,346 total)

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