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    Welcome Dree hope your stay is short. Mommytoabi – I think you did just fine you WILL get that BFP I really do believe that!



    I had ewcm back on cd 12 and 13 and now it’s back on days 36 and 37! What the heck?! I thought my chances were gone for the month, but hubby and I have been bd-ing just in case…



    oh btw i dont really remember too much how i felt with my last pregnancy but i know i am in the RR constantly i have to empty my bladder all the time and sometimes without even having anything to drink for hours.????? hmmmm idk anyone else ever had this happen.



    chica, that’s in china, there are so many pple and so litlle land plus poverty and finance are an issue so the government decide each family should have only 1 child. but since asian pple likes boys more they kill all the baby girls when born. there was a time that you could find baby girls body anywhere. that’s why now the girls are worth more in china and teh boys that could not find a mate would have to buy a wife from vietnam or singapore, etc.


    Ugh ladies my stomach still hurts from this morning no idea why, it was done over 12 hours ago uncomfortable and painful 🙁 x



    real quick before I get the kiddies ready for bed…IF (and that’s a big if since I have never done it) IF I checked my cervix correctly it is pretty low and firm…..I am 6 that normal? shouldn’t it be softening? I hate the CP thing I just don’t get it!! HAHAHAHA!



    Thanks Alicia 🙂 hopefully ill get a BFP in the morning ill keep you ladies updated FX. If not ill test again 3 days later and we’ll know for sure :). Night Alicia ttyl



    sarah – I HOPE SO!!! I have been cramping EVERYDAY since O as well!! (yesterday I was a little worried because the cramping had stopped but as soon as I said it stopped it started up again full force!) I HOPE THIS IS GOOD NEWS FOR THE BOTH OF US!!! 🙂 have you put your symptoms in on IT IS AWESOME!!!



    Thanks for the prayers ladies. Getting an ultrasound next week and a biopsy to check for polyps. Hopefully they can find and fix the problem and then we can ttc again with more success.



    Hcg doubles every 24-48 hrs so maybe urs just hasnt gone up yet….



    CD32 today, just wish it would hurry up. Unsure if I even O’d this month or it will be another anovulatory cycle. Just wish AF would hurry up and get here already.



    wanna – YAAAAAAAAY! That is GREAT news hun! That is just WAY to long a visit!


    Don’t know if it’s my eyes or what as I was convinced doc was gonna say I’m not O’ing x



    im ok a little bummed and really tired lol but ok otherwise!


    I hope they fix this site soon lol. anyway im CD 5 and slowly AF is packing up her bags!! Congrats pinkstork! sorry for any typos lol

Viewing 15 posts - 91,786 through 91,800 (of 131,346 total)

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