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    I def ovulated on the 14th. My cycles are super normal every month, it’s just the period itself that is raising all these questions. I have brown bleeding for 5 days up until my period starts, then only about a day of red blood. My doc thinks its a too short luteal phase, and w/out fertility meds my chances of becoming prego are slim. I’ve had these jacked up periods for 9 months now. I really hope this is the answer I need! My lower back is KILLING me now which just confims that my body is not doing what it should be doing:( Its so frusterating!


    sweety198622 – It would be kinda fun for you to be PG at the same time as you SIL. Do they live close to you?



    I just watched the great sperm race. You can watch it here. But play this game first. It’s hilarious I can’t get my sperm past the vagina!



    Hey ladies I need ur advice… ex bf who I was with for 3 yrs came to my job today. Now I havent spoke to him in over a year. He told me that he missed me and he is still in love with me. Why he doing this me?



    For those that’ve taken clomid before- should I be concerned of sharp stabbing pains in my pelvis? I know cramping is to be expected but this is different from the other cramps I had. It def doesn’t feel like o cramps – def very uncomfortable… 🙁 whomp whomp whomp…



    just see what your mid-day opk says…we’ll go from there



    Okay Wyatts i am going to start my vitamins up again. I am on day 6 of my provera and hopefully i’ll be starting my cycle soon after and hopefully starting the clomid.


    oooh gotcha-tahlia



    AF has finally left the building!! and I hope she stays away for 9 months!!! lol. I’m going to work extra hard at this cycle. the last couple cycles I just kinda went with the flow but this cycle we’re going to catch that egg….. well I hope 🙂 baby dust to all 🙂



    hoping-for-baby-rob – yes i always have regular periods, normally 28 day cycles. then i get a 36 day cycle!


    It was funny because she kept saying to me (because I was so sick)’ I think it’s probably a boy….’ In this really disappointed voice. I already got pregnant unplanned so she made me feel like I REALLY couldn’t get anything right!



    LKDream- it didn’t but you can go onto the sharing tab on your FF page and email the chart to someone, might be easier. I know some of the other girls ages ago would post the link to their charts and I could never open them either???



    hi ladies,hope you all are well ?? Af is due for me today & so far she’s a no-show .. I really wish she’d hurry up & show her face,so frustrating !!!! Goodlduck to everyone waiting to test



    TTCOURFIRST – have you had your cm tested? Maybe this is hostile to the sperm. You can try using something like pre-seed or changing your diet. Also, try going to a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, they really help with fertility. Good luck and keep pushing for help with this.



    Muumy tojude- have u tested??

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