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    As Justine, that is just great news! Happy nine months. And Ali- test when you feel ready. I’ll be testing tomorrow. So so excited and a little nerves too. Oh but God is in contral, if I be preggers then praise God if not, then praise God! I love you ladies and praying for ya. Talk in the am. Night.



    Ladies, Is it a bad thing to want a baby even though Ill be a single mom?



    Inkdoll: Thank you! Anencephaly is not genetic thank goodness, but is completely random. about 1 in 1K. And we just happened to be that ‘one’ that was our first baby too. It’s hard as I still remember hearing his/her heartbeat. maybe I should have known something was wrong as I had no morning sickness or anything.



    WOW 3 times in one bugged after 1!!! dh asks to go again and im like naaa im tired now…your a machine seansmom!!



    girl from ab (erin) : darnit!!!!! you would have been at a good timing ….. humf lol



    soo reading pretty sure i experienced mittelschmerz! i hope that is a good sign and that it leads to a bfp 🙂



    InkDoll- Glad ur doing great! Jade- I never had any symptoms with my son either, then again I was 17 and on birth control, so I never really paid attention. By the time I’d went to the doctor for a check up, they said I was almost five months pregnant!! Molly Mama- Sorry about AF showing up unwelcomed…. Fx’ed for ur new cycle! Silver Eyes-Congrats!! Whooo!



    buzzzz, buzzz, buzzzzzzz! I’m picturing you actually hovering around like a humming bird from the caffeine burst thebigtomato – quite funny!



    Hello 2ww ;( I due for a on the 12th. Will try told off testing this cycle altogether but I seriously doubt it lol! Would love a Christmas bfp!!!



    it’s raining in london too. I have to go to work soon as well! I so don’t want to go! Day time TV is much more interesting! Anny- I have also only heard of the chinese lun calender and some of the friends I know that have had a baby have been right but some have been wrong too. Congratulations on your baby girl!


    MOM2BE- That is awesome Goodluck to u i heard great things about clomid!! AFM- I took another first response this aftenoon and my test line is darker then control line!!!! I am over the moon happy!



    looking good..I hope they stay up for you



    terriann- when are you testing again? My cervix isn’t really high or low its kinda in the middle I guess and soft.



    nice LC :0P


    Hello, it has been awhile since i have been on here! this site helped me when i was ttc my 2nd child. I am now trying for #3 and not having the greatest of luck. I have a quick question……….I had my last period, it started dec 13th every now and then i get it the same day every month but usually i get my period a week later then it came the month before which would mean i believe that it isnt due until sunday? I took a test yesterday and it came back with a very faint line, this morning i took another test different kind and it came back with a line that is hardly there, i can see it in certain light and my husband cant really see it. Do you think that it could be to early for me to test? I just have this feeling that i am! I just get so confused when i can test since the time between periods for me is so long! PLEASE HELP :/

Viewing 15 posts - 91,906 through 91,920 (of 131,346 total)

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