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    Thanks hun, iv never taken notice of my cm b4 so I don’t really know what it all means haha I just hope my temps stay up. We bd on cd 18 (the day I proberly o’d) and I think 3 days b4 that and im pretty sure df will wake up when I go to bed coz he’s been asking for it most the day haha do u think that’s enough to get a bfp?



    Tested today just for fun to see if even a faint line would appear. BFN of course. So…either it is to soon or it didn’t take this month. Not real sure….hoping for the better of course. boobs have been heavy feeling and now have white pimple like things around the areola. But no other signs except that. well, cept for the 2 major pimples that hit my face…so..idk…kinda wanna test again come Fri or Sat but then again I want to wait to see if I skip AF or not. UGH this wait is awful!



    ok, tried to sleep… can’t. blah… nerves are kicking in now… i want a definite answer! 🙂



    Test in a couple of days with fmu x



    alicia – It can’t always rain. that is something i live by…you could google it and find something that means a lot to you?



    ok – Thursday it is! (eek!) I was going to test with my sister but she doesn’t want to test until her period is really late, and I just don’t have the patience for that!



    @mommy2aidan -> sorry AF showed. Does DH know when you O? Maybe you will catch it when you are not trying to.



    Af showed up 🙁 Back on pill till July now.



    no it was a streak probably more than likely just from sensitivity since it has been a while might just be that. Thanks min40



    @amanda, do you BBT to confirm your exact O day? I am sure if you got a +OPK then you Oed!!! Sounds promising to me 🙂



    Congrats juniors



    I used the Target brand strips, and I tested late morning/early afternoon. Usually my 2nd pee of the day. I am a nurse so I’m used to not peeing very often! Haha. But before I started testing, I did some research and I read not to use FMU because your LH surge actually peaks later on versus early morning. This month was my first time using them and I got 5 days worth of positives last week, even when I tested more than once per day. I have no idea why that was. I have a picture posted on my profile, hoping I popped an egg out at some point! Going off of my symptoms I would guess Tuesday, possibly Wednesday.



    Yes, very hard. I’m so happy for them all but so desperate to see my own BFP! What other boys names do you have?



    Glad you are here to talk everything out!! It really does help! I find I come on here and talk to the ladies more then my own DH. We just really GET each other. Where as(at least MY DH is so layed back it’s annoying. he has an answer for EVERYTHING lol) Yeah, I REALLY wish I wouldn’t have told everyone we were TTC – BUT in the same breath – we started TTC starting the night of our wedding. And as I’m sure EVERYONE who is married KNOWS, the questions start coming the day after ‘So, when are you going to have babies??’ It’s the same either way, so…in my eyes it was like, why lie? We have been together for nearly 11yrs, so the question of ‘So when are you guys getting married?’ eventually turned into ‘So, when are you going to have babies?’ anyways…we’ve been dealing with it for years. I find less and less ppl ask now that they have been getting the same ‘Nothing yet’ answer for 5 months…so, it’s notg that bad anymore.



    I am only CD 9. I have already got a BD in this morning. I did a sample(don’t know what posessed me to???) and went back to bed to BD. Might have to jump hubby again when he gets home from work!

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