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    I really hope I get my BFP this month after all this BD….



    @ bean6667 -> I understand that the sperm lives up to 5 days. If you O and had lots of CM then you should be good. I would try tonight as well as the egg lasts 24 hrs I think. FX for you gl hun.



    Well… I had that ONE day of random spotting, then nothing. I swear it only happened because I saw the doctor. Lol Thanks for all the well-wishes! It’s frustrating having no idea what’s going on in there! Tuesday can’t come soon enough.



    Tabs, haha yeh it would be soo funny, I could put it in his rollie packet but that’s even worse bahahahaha yeh were ganna try and keep it a secret until 12 weeks but well tell our family and you girls of course but that’s it.



    luv2teach I started too with bbt this morning but not cp (I have really long natural nails) Which chart are you using or site for bbt If you don’t mind sharing. I asked earlier but no one answered me.



    hoping LMAO! That is so cute I actually ‘ahhhd’ and laughed out loud! ‘don’t judge me’ haha.



    Ok ladies I’m really worried now I have been using clearblue easy monitor and it detects your surge of estrogen and your LH surge. and so far it hasn’t shown my estrogen surge (first time it hasn’t) and it should have already.and my LH should show up wed or thursday. Now I’m worried my honey is flying home so we can try on the right time and things aren’t right grr All I have done this morning after I tested and nothing showed was cry grr. Now not sure if I will still ovulate with out the estrogen surge. I need my honey to hug me but I don’t want to tell him.


    CONFUSED!!!!!!!! lol HELP I have irrrrregular periods so, couldnt tel you when i was due again the only info i can give is.. I had AF 5th OCT Ovulated 25th OCT Baby danced when should i do a test xxxx



    ehartw02- TWW means two week wait 🙂



    They are considered the most fertile because the egg is at its peak when it is released so BD’ing the few days before hand allow those fabulous little swimmers to be ready and waiting to do their stuff as soon as it is released.



    Ok I know it’s way to early to have signs… But seriously… I have peed about 6 times today already and I have a stuffy nose…. Seriously…. I hate that my body does stuff like this. I’m almost positive we missed ovulation and we only bd twice those cycle!!



    I’m with you girls! Well I hit a huge growth spurt at 16, no joke i went from flat chest no boobs not even an A, straight to 34c! Now I am 34DD. My mom is a G too! It’s insane, we all have smaller figures but huge boobs! Ha ha. I definitely want to get a lift when we are done having kids!



    caniacmom I think we both will feel better with all the test and tracking a Dr can do for us. Mine just put me on those pills and said if I get pg call. He wants to see me asap to do an u/s. I’m going to call and ask if he does the u/s to see if an eggs is there. but I think he is just waiting to see if I get pg on the progessterone pills since the other test my other dr did said my hcg and fsh were normal and I did get pg with my dh. If I don’t this month I will be telling him to do all the test he can do. I’m not getting any younger he needs to pick up the pace. So I hope you, terriann, lil,pigz duffy, and me will move on this cycle. it would be fun to be in the week by week to gether 😉



    Well Af showed up this morning. So disapointed.



    hello ladies.. I go in today to see if i have any follicles– wish me luck – this may be my month–
    i hope that i dont have to do another round of clomid- it made be super irritable and super tired!!!

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