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    ugggg… bb’s hurt so bad. Sorry just had to say something


    I ov yesterday and bd last night. Today my abdomen felt like it was filled with air. Kinda of painful too. What could this mean? we bd friday sat sun mon and last night. Trying like crazy for our second.


    Well ladies, I’m heading to bed. I don’t think I can hold my eyes open another minute. I’m definitely not going to want to get up in the morning. Have a wonderful evening, morning, or afternoon whatever time zone your in. 🙂



    Well AF scheduled to show today if my cycle is normal. If I O’d after I got the positive opk on cd 26, AF wouldn’t be due til Feb 6…I’m not sure what to think. All I know is today there’s no sign of her! Yay!



    Still holding out on testing, Hoping?



    nikki3kids.. yeah I know what ya mean. Friday I will be 7 days late which is why i am waitting til then I tested yesterday LAST night BFN.. so we will see if AF will show her ugly face.


    =( just a bad day today….



    iv only had one person tell me it was wrong for them and other then that i have been told it was right!!!…well i dont mind ‘when i get pg again’ if i have a boy or a girl, i have a dd and my husband n i would love to have a lil boy and not have no more kids for a lil while but i know if it another girl he wont wait long n he wil want to try again lol…but its ok i love babies!!! lol….but we would both like to have a lil boy n according to the charts if i dont get pg this month then the rest of the yr is all girls lol…n i have had 2 tell me this month if i get pg its a boy and two tell me if i get pg this month its a girl….wow thats confusing!!!lol but watever the outcome…it will be PERFECT!!! id just like to be pg again!!! 🙂



    Men eh….they are born like it….my 9 year old said to me yesterday…(after i asked him to do something) ‘mum, up there for thinking (pointing to his head), down there for dancing (pointing to his crotch)’!!!! I was like ‘where the hell have you heard that!! Naughty boy!!



    Goodluck Peaches hope all goes well =)


    mylittleangel…the only other thing I can think of us that it could be protein in your urine



    contemplating lap and hsg after next cycle with IUI if we are not succesful…



    Either would be great. I agree. I have a daughter, and she is so wonderful that I do not care if next time we have another girl or even a boy. this is a link to my daughters pic.



    crazymomma- ugh, that’s so frustrating. I was so bummed when I got my AF. Let’s hope that AF isn’t on it’s way for you! I’m really hoping this is my month!



    *peeks head in door to see who all is here, and whats going on*

Viewing 15 posts - 92,041 through 92,055 (of 131,346 total)

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