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    Ah, I see 3babies – missed your most recent post – Glad the ex is in jail! The second part of my suggestion still applies – try family therapy to help you cope. Post traumatic stress seems to be in play.


    well im sitting here covered in stickers – i look like a sticker album


    Thanks Alicia…..Sorry for your BFN but maybe its just too early. My FX for you! Sorry to the other bfn’s as well, we need some BFP’s in this room.



    I had all the girls this morning talking about McDonalds we were all craving it by the end lol. Now I come back and start talking about carbs lol I am so bad 😛



    heres hoping terrac…..that would be lovely..!!



    gator – w/ DD i didnt have any symptoms except i was really tired. i didt get sore BB till like i was 3 months and then it was only for a few weeks.


    loving…I may have said this before but go get a digital one asap and then that will clear up any arguments.



    CPalmer – me too!!!! 10 DPO! Holding out til Thursday before testing. I will, I will, I will ( won’t I????)



    I have a question. So I got my IUD out almost two weeks ago. I had dark spotting afterwards, but then yesterday I thought AF was coming bc it was lighter, then it went away. So, now I’m just completely confused.



    how soon does ‘morning’ sickness start?


    Donna..I would wait a couple more days just so you can feel better about the results you get…but if you have a extra test around you could…what the heck



    relaxing the rest of the day (well, as best I can w/ dd getting into evthg)



    Thanks guys! I am 3 DPO so I am going to go take some. I will be napping a lot today I think. I can feel it settling in my neck and shoulders. YUCK.



    Its funny isnt it – Men would never have this kind of conversation would they! say about their testicals for instance hahahaha! I think thats what makes us women great – we can share so much without embarassment. When I got preg everyone usually tells you the labour story and a friend of mine told me about how she pooped into the hand of the doctor – and she sat there telling me like it was a normal factual peiece of information while was sat in hysterical laughter lol


    iraqi..good luck when are you going to test?

Viewing 15 posts - 92,146 through 92,160 (of 131,346 total)

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