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    sunflower i od on the 13th/14th so about 8 days and yea like the ewcm kinda stuff with blood streaks in it



    Crazy I wish I was at home but at least if I get preggers I will have a year off – long overdue xxx ttc I would be hopeful hun your temp is supposed to be up I think x I have very sore nipples tonight ladies x new symptom for me xxx



    Oh Danah – exciting! If it’s a BFP, maybe leave the test stick on his pillow, so when he rolls back the sheet, it’ll be there for him to see… then you get to celebrate by doing what you did to get preggo in the first place 😉 …. or, you can buy a child’s birthday card, and on the inside write: we’ll be having a new birthday to celebrate in the house (write down your due date) – and below it, tape the pregnancy test to the card!



    crazyf, try & hold as long as poss, i know its hard lol im cd 17………i really honestly thought it would be pos by now, iv been testing twice a day & have now started 3 times a day from today but still nothing :/



    hi girls! well AF came on CD 43 finally. ugh! anyways, i think we’re going to skip this month TTC and start again at my next cycle which will be around end of june/early july (since my cycles are so long)


    ladies i done the lunar chart, but how on earth do i rerad it lol… pic is on my [rofile. TIA x



    Morning everyone. Well cd 17 and according to ff today, I o’d on cd 9 and im 8dpo!



    finally weegee!



    Preseed is next cycle’s expense…..;) I wanna get my AF happening right. Af occured in Feb and went for 2 weeks then AF occured on time in march as normal (before the pill) and had what appeared to be spotting 28 days after that (april 27th) and since i have got BFN everytime – you’d think i’d show up on the test after 5 weeks!!!!!! so therefore think that the spotting was a lame excuse of an AF. The pill is great to stop falling pregnant but coming off it is terrible!!!!! I haven’t had a proper AF until March and that is the only time!!!!!!!!!!! I came off in June and you’d think everything would be back on line by now!!!! *****Just read that the pill can lead to a lack of B2 and B12 vitamins*****


    wow ladies i sooooo do love this forum lol. i think iv i ovulated the 27th i may be about 5 dpo, BUT its my 21st birthday on the 8th of july ill be 13dpo, do i test that eve ladies?? to make sure im not pregnant for my big 21st birthday so i can have a dance.

    and if iam pregnant what a bloody lovely birthday present aye :). is 13dpo ok to test or do u ladies think too early?. gl all u ladies testing the 6th lets see some BFP, turtlefur- when r u testing? xx



    Good morning ladies…. congrats on the BFPs out there lol….LC I hope your temps starting going up. If you tested with an OPK after you have ovulated you would expect light – no line but you would have to take a couple a few days in a row to confirm (I had too with my OPKs this cycle)………There was no surprise in my temps today – the same as the last 3 days lol


    they both came from the same box in there own wrappers well hubby is gonna take me for blood work so fingers crossed……sounds to me like shes preggo to me lilboyforjen! thats what happend to me they seen the sac but the baby was to small to be noticable at only 4 to almost 5 weeks for me and our daughter is 3yrs sooo good luck shes preggo!



    Yay Ashley! Good luck – I am sure you will be blessed with a sticky baby soon!



    Morning Ladies :-)) Well, still no AF.. I’m def NOT pg so it’s just a bad, bad month cycle… I just want it hurry up so we can TTC again. I have horrendous PMS though.



    Ya the egg lives off the sac at first ralphie, thats why they say dont stress if u drank before u knew u were prego bcuz most likely all is fine

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