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    Welcome idoneill! And anyone else who is new.
    Well, its offically been 3 days passed when AF was suppose to get here and I feel super preggo and sick (both my boys have diarreah though, so that might be why I’m constantly sick to my stomach) I think I’m gonna make an appointment at the doctor for next week!!! Crossing fingers! 🙂



    Yeh I don’t really like inside animals they leave hair everywhere n stinks. Millie was an outside dog when she was old enough to be outside so will mulisha but he’s to young yet


    maybe im crazy but i think this is it!!!! cd21 7dpo…testing in 6 days! sorry for all afs and bfns and congrats to bfp!!!



    mfbrown-I am not sure if I want another child ‘more badly,’ as much as it is that I know how hard it can be to get there



    good luck to those of you testing soon. Justine I am pretty stoked for you 🙂



    With my son, I still got a negative on a digital at 13dpo! Pfft. Finally + at 15dpo. Those were the only two tests I took. 2010, it’s not a bad thing to want to, but be prepared to tear your hair out with no help. If you have a good enough job where you can support yourself and pay for daycare, then it should be fine, but personally, I couldn’t see myself doing that. I’d go crazy.



    This is a video I made a few months ago, for my Angel baby who had Anencephaly. Life sure is not fair! I miss you baby so much!



    @ coco – its cause of that pep talk last night lol. my hubby was like what the hell is going on cause im usually the same way i only want to have BD once and he wants to go again im like no good night but last night was my idea so hes like whatever you did to make you this way keep doing it. :0)


    Ink- i know 🙁 oh well if it didnt happen this month, there is always next month 🙂



    i get to start bd today! and continue until i make a baybee!!!



    hi ladies i tested last night i got a very very light positve but after an hour or so u couldnt see it af is due on the 22 could it already show?im thinkin i ovulated around the 1st- 2nd but not sure just going by feelings..



    Diane – I’m also excited about my blood work results tomorrow so that makes it even worse! LOL


    Spent a lot of time in this forum when I was ttc and pop in as much as I can to see how your all getting on. Good luck for those waiting for their bfp this month hope you get it. I’ve added a pic of me hubby and 4d pic of baby if you’d like to see. If so let me know who you think baby looks like and whether boy or girl 🙂



    Southport – 10mintues drive to Surfer`s Paradise and an hours away from Brisbane



    Ladies, Im going to say HAPPY goodbye to y’all or maybe c u soon on other side. After being 7 days late I tested and got BFP!!! The line was dark so i have high hopes. Also so far hardly anyy cramps but already nausea which is all good signs. Ladies nothing but the best for you all on your journeys!

Viewing 15 posts - 92,416 through 92,430 (of 131,346 total)

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