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    oh i must have had babies on my mind last night…I dreamt that my SIL (who is pregnant) and I were both getting prepared for the births of our babies



    I’m going to test again Tuesday or perhaps just get bloods done xxx



    Thanks LKD. Most people dont know Lesotho because it is such a some country, fully embedded in South Africa. Hoping the best for you Trying.



    Thanks Carmon27. I’ve never got to actually try so trying to learn about all the CDs is confusing still. Especially since I don’t get AF. I will keep testing with the ovulation tests though. Anyone with advice on trying to understand the CDs without an AF would be great.



    + im still getting ewcm ? Mmm I duno its all so confusing haha I think im ganna be confused until I get a bfp lmao



    As for the baby dancing, every other day is good. The day before and of ovulation are the most effective. The day before is more effective but for most women, it’s hard to pinpoint ovulation until its happened. Even a women that always has a 28 day cycle may not ovulate at cd14. She might have a 10 or 12 day luteal phase which would mean she ovulates between cd 16-18. Using OPKs can tell you ovulation is about to happen, but BBT tells you it happened. This is why it’s good to use both. Sometimes we gear up to O and the egg isn’t released. A basal body thermometer is maybe $8-10. I bought 50 OPKs + 20 HPTs for $14 on eBay. Ordered Friday, they arrived Monday! Today, actually! 🙂



    Maybe test again now then haha



    hi Ladies!
    ok so i started on the 25th and according to the ov calendar i should be TTC this week– ! so far so good so i wil keep all of you posted. Wish all of you the best of luck!



    Yeh I googled and looked at a few sites, my eyes hurt lmao . I really like , and here is my heart which beats only for you. Coz Im getting a portrait of tahlia to go under it + one of the new bub



    Terrible indigestion today! I would like to say it could be a symptom, but I think if I’m honest it’s down to too much cheese yesterday! lol



    @baby786 I don’t know but my boobs always hurt before AF comes. R u cramping?



    ugh more spotting I think this is af. not 100 percent sure guess will see in morning.. so gutted.. thought for sure this was our month.. guess we will be trying for a december baby..may still have them do a test if this doesn’t increase, though cuz its still only spotting in cervical check.. who knows.. praying for bfp for us all soon..



    Youngmum, I have bled a few times after sex. Maybe either it was a bit hard or just coz its been awhile like u said



    Gator I haven’t BBT’d. This is actually my first cycle post Mirena removal. I haven’t even had a period yet. I really just started using the OPK’s to see exactly where I am in my cycle as I couldn’t stand not knowing! I am a control freak, I will admit. So anyways, we just BD’d like crazy when I got a positive – if it’s meant to be it will be! My Mirena was removed on Valentine’s day. Spotting two days later that lasted for 2-3 days. So if that spotting was in fact CD1, I got my first +OPK on CD 16 or 17 – I am pretty sure I would have had a positive OPK if I would have tested Sunday evening. Anyway, I am going to post a pic of all of these crazy positive OPK’s later tonight. I am sure people are so sick of hearing my story! LOL! But it’s hard for me to keep everyone straight so I figure it could be hard for others, too – haha!



    congrats juniors!!

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