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    ive been doing it with fmu which is what my test said so maby i’ll test in the afternoon next month if needed.



    im hearing ya amy, 4 of my friends had babys this month, so in a way im glad to be far away cos id be jealous a bit, but on the other hand i just want to smooch all those tiny bubs!



    So here’s another question to prove my lack of knowledge using the OPK’s. When you get your first positive OPK…how long after that do you start BD? I’m looking to start next month. And another question… is Day 1 counted on the first day of AF?



    i know how you feel on the weight ugh i cant stop eating bad stuff and im over what i would like to be. im thinking about do something to lose some weight and get in shape before i get my bfp and it puts me over again haha


    hope 4 2–I’m with you, praying I get a BFP. We did quite a bit of BD’ing ourselves. a couple days we BD’d 2x/day! I have a good feeling about this month. (hope I’m right!)



    @ Agape -> Pre-seed is a natural lube that is the same as a woman produces when she O. Most woman use it to increase the lube or because they don’t make enough. It helps the sper swim to the egg better and helps it live longer. Most lubes will damage the sperm but this one is safe.



    Lilpigz – thanks 🙂
    hoping you are right! I am always on time but still will wait to see what happens tomorrow before I test. I will be so shocked and so happy!



    1stimemama maybe its to early to test? This is my first time ttc to, our 3rd month. I tested 9-12 dpo and all bfn im ganna wait til af is late which due tomorrow



    Right, is anybody else ready to test around the 6th of May? I’ll be between 10-14DPO on that date, so could/should theoretically show up at that point IF I have conceived this month… I’m not even going to tell you how many tests I’ve been through so far (aka – how much money I’ve wasted!!) because of the amount of evaps I was getting on internet cheapies… so 20 more tests arrived today and I’ve taken 2 (I always do two to determine an evap), but instead of testing daily, I’m going to try and remain strong and not test for 6 more looooooooooooooong days – though how I will get past the urge to test with FMU, I’m just not sure… Would be great if I had someone else round about the same stage in their cycle, just for a bit of moral support and to try and keep me from testing hahah :]



    amy – omg thats so wierd cause a couple of years ago when i was TTC i was temping at a radio station and the ladies there are like give the temp the pregnancy chair cause i guess the last 2 people that used that chair got pregnant. i was like YES i was more then happy to take that chair, one day i went in there and they had switched it out i thought i was gonna cry im like no my chair lol



    Hi ladies 🙂 I`m going nuts here…wondering if this has happened to anyone …..just took my last First Response and got a positive but the positive line only had pink color up at the top part, maybe only 1/4 of a line was there…. Wondering if this would be considered a positive or is this test just a dud….. I called the hotline and they said any pink indicates positive….. I will just have to test again, but til then I thought I`d come on here and see what you all think???! Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much 🙂 good luck to everyone TTC and BFPs!



    Nikki, id say in the next 3-5 days?



    Ehartw20 – tww is the 2 weeks between ovulation and af. It is approximately 14 days but for some it can be shorter or longer by a day or 2. Lh surges happen just before ovulation. That can be gradual or sudden. Opks do not always pick it up, especially if you are testing once a day.
    Laura, kitty and alohamom good luck.
    Ingodstime – I have not used royal jelly, but I have vitex. It was what I could easily get here. I fell pregnant last time using it on my second cycle. It takes at least one cycle of regularly taking it to see an effect.
    Itmustbepink – sorry I don’t know much about it.


    u wont b fertile for roughly 14 days ish i believe



    Oh and let me add nose bleeds to the list which I have only had them twice in my entire life both when I was preg!

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