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    Confirmed my BFP with another test this morning. So I guess first time’s the charm for me as well Timefor2!



    Seans it just seems he pulls this at the ‘right’ time of the month each time.



    Mrs Bugs hope you have a wonderful Vacation. Although we haven’t officially started ttc again I’m hoping I get a BFP because I leave to go camping on 12 DPO and my Luteal phase is usually only 12-13 days. Who wants AF while camping 🙁 so def KMFX for that BFP.



    lisaj Hahahaha I am the same embarrased about buying that stuff but my husband is even funnier with it all. He gets embarrased with buy condoms he does even look at them if there is someone in the isle **eye rolling** hahaha when we decided to start trying he was over the moon no more embarrasing isle waiting for him for a while LMAO



    pregprincess333 – KMFX that you get a BFP in the am Baby Dust!
    Sher-Baby I had to talk myself out of using my second digital this morning lol.
    SugarSprouts/Crummie- My first was an emergency C-section at 42 weeks after 15 hrs of labor i only made it to 5 cm. My son was 9lb 5oz. I attempted a VBAC im in the US and it can be hard to find an OB who will even work with you to have a VBAC. My ob agreed however i had the same issue and only made it to 5 cm again and had another c-section. After 2 c-sections and no vaginal deliveries my 3rd had to be a c-section and any future pregnancy needs to be a c-section. Home births are prettymuch out if you had a c-section because your scar can rupture during contractions and even if you find a doctor or midwife who will agree to help you go vbac they are going to want you in a hospital because you are at a much higher risk. Many doctors here in the US wont even help you have a vbac because its more liability on them. and you pretty much sign your life away before delivery.



    Ohhhh Cali! That would be a fun job for me!! I’ll have to look into that ; )



    So I’m 7dpo and a bit emotional today! My sister caught the full force of it! She invited me to a design and interiors show today and I said thank you but I don’t want to go. She kept pressing me as to why I didn’t want to go. I explained I don’t like going shopping unless I have the money in my pocket to shop or I’m shopping for a wedding outfit or something specific! I’m the same with home makeover programmes on TV until I have the idea to buy a new lamp or redecorate a room I don’t like them because the little green eyed momster appears and I want what I can’t have…,.so I avoid it…,particularly shoe shops!!! I love shoes!!!! Also we’ve just forked put a small fortune for dance and swimming lessons. But then she started on the tact if I was motivated to earn more money I could have those things!! Cheeky b***h!!! I was so upset I told her to stop reading self-help books and leave me alone!!! I cried in the garden just now, I felt so hurt!! My own sister!! Who I have supported for so long as she has health issues and can’t work but now has a rich boyfriend!! Boy oh boy!!! Is this pms or is this pregnancy hormones or just normal reaction! I don’t usually cry unless AF is due which is not due for another week!!! Sigh…feeling low right now!!



    thanks shelia



    Hi All, im sorry but I was just feeling really down and needed to talk to some ladies who may or may not be in the same situation as me or know anything about it? My names Kirty, I’ve been a member of this site for awhile just over 6 years, I have 4 kids. after my last I started Levlen ED, I have been on it for about 3 year’s now ive missed a few pills over time and had a breakthrough bleed after 3 missed pills, but that’s why I am here today end of September start of oct I missed a few as we went away for a week and I had missed 3 and had my normal breakthrough bleed from 1st oct – 3rd oct I did wait for it to finish and then I was meant to be on sugar pills for a week so I didn’t start my pill back up until the 13th oct, and then managed to miss another 3 pills 20th -22nd however this time I did not get a breakthrough bleed like normal and started to worry so I stopped my pill for a few days to see if I could bring it on and nothing.. I took a pregnancy test on the 27th which was negative and I have taken another today still Negative, I also went to the doctors today she told me I could be pregnant, but odd that I am getting negative pregnancy test so I am to get a blood test to confirm the neg or to confirm I am pregnant, I feel sore, headachy and sick like I did with my others but just don’t feel pregnant so I don’t think I am, however I would love the test to be positive and my husband and are prepared. but I just feel really alone with this whole negative test and AF. We were planning on another baby just not right now. Has anybody had a negative test but positive blood test?



    Thank you Diane! I am believing it now! Thanks for the support everyone! And congrats to everyone who got BFPs. There will be lots more to come ladies! Lots of baby dust!



    3 different times in the month of April. April 4 (I think), April 16 and then April 26. Jillian was born on April 20th! I do believe they had the wrong due date and I was overdue. Jillian only weighted 5lbs 15oz when she was born…she is little like me.



    @WilliamsonBabies that stinks!! Is that something the doctor told you to expect? I would be so frustrated! AF showed her face last night so I’m back to counting down the days till she leaves so I can start all over again!



    yes I have been here all day. I just tried to do some work and my work laptop is not connecting…oops….


    Mommyx2- My husband was the same way, we have 2 boys and last year had 2 MC and he didn’t want to try anymore but he changed his mind. Don’t give up all hope.



    Thank you ladies, I will!!!! 🙂

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