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    Hi everyone! I have never posted but have been reading the comments here over the last couple weeks. I have been trying to get pregnant for 15 months and did my first round of Clomid this time. I am in my 2ww and reading all the comments have helped me get through this wait. I am 11dpo and thinking about testing tomorrow. I have been going crazy today!



    Thanks erms128. I really hope you all get your BFPs this month. I’d love to go through the next 9 mos with all of you.



    Fingers crossed for you helen!!



    just seen your message rach to rooey about take that!!! OMG I love/d them, i went to see them when i was 15 and i literally cried and shook from head to toe for 2 hours!!! lol


    Congrats ‘T’!!!!! Such great news!!


    Posted a blog, read if ya want. Good morning to all and congrats on any new BFP…..and baby dust to everyone else!********************** hugs!



    Oh, I was just teasing. My husband thinks my obsessing is a bad habit since I’m constantly buying HPTs and they are starting to get a little expensive. 🙂 But, I will say he’s always asking me what the results are right away too!!!



    maybe you are preggo Hannah?



    welcome dolphin



    i already have all of my christmas stuff up.. the only thing that isnt yet is my tree…lol… i couldnt help myself… we are putting my tree up next friday (the day after thanksgiving)…



    Wow –katmoma –hope you feel better soon!!! And, you never know. There’s still hope!!



    Hi, im new and im trying to conceive. Im just starting to worry that im getting a bit obsessed. My partner is away this weekend and all ive done all day, literally, is read up on pregnancy on the internet. Its all i can think about. My AF is due in 3 days, and ive had a backache and sore breasts so I did a test which came back negative and now im disappointed. I think im probably just imagining pregnancy symptoms because im thinking about it so much – i just want this so much. Ah! How do I stop myself!!!!



    Ladies who have their BFPs – Send some of that baby dust to those of us testing soon please!!!! CD 27/29 here, due AF on Sunday (just in time for my friends Hen Night – pfff), tested on Tuesday and got a BFN but still hoping.



    my favourite abbreviation is BFP!!! hehe!


    Morning ladies, glad to see some BFP’s!! I just got my BFP on wednsday last week 13 dpo and I’m still asking myself ‘is this real?’. I’m looking forward to taking this journey with alot of you, if not all, that would rock!! Then we could have a new group of ladies in the TTC forum, but none as cool as us, right ladies? *****Baby Dust Salt Shaker*****shake, shake shake,shake***to all!!

Viewing 15 posts - 92,536 through 92,550 (of 131,346 total)

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