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    xwee how many days after ovulation will you be on christmas day? i will be 9dpo then. I know I always want to overtest to i just don’t like being in control of this part I like to know what is going to happen lol



    Congrats Ashley- Sending lots and lots of STICKY BABY DUST to you!!



    BFN this morning……..its weird though as well cos i had some kinda of watery cm on the tp wen wiping (sorry TMI) – AF due today :/


    argh…so AF is due Saturday. I’ve been exhausted and hubby said Breasts looked bigger so he wanted me to take a test yesterday with FMU. It came out negative but I know its probalby still a bit early. I’m having some lower back pains…slight cramps but more of a pain in one spot in my back. I cant feel my cervix it’s up SO freaking high…I haven’t been able to feel it for 2 days…I dont know whats going on with me 🙁 I’m getting depressed and so emotional I want to cry at everything. I cried yesterday when the bagger at the grocery gave me plastic instead of paper…I cried in the car…not in the store. I’m a MESS


    k so i got the pic of the two tests up.. top one was taken this morning with FMU and the bottom one was taken last night before bed


    D – Diane has got it down to a T – My cyst is 4.5cm big and they remove them at 5cms and over so mine is a nasty horrible mean cyst !!!



    I called my doc, and asked for a blood test. I am waiting for a nurse to call back because I only spoke to the receptionist. Hopefully I can go in this week for a blood test.



    He’s a big softie for kids and would do anything (I think) to help his own soon-to-be children, so hopefully!!



    If anyone needs a good cry, just read the blog I wrote about telling my daughter last night 🙂 {{{hugs}}}


    Thank you Youngmummy i really hope so too !



    ok, poas again (i know, 8 in 3 is BAD) but..this line IS a tad going to try get this damn camera to work!!


    Wow C im so glad your still in the game !!!! – at least i have hope in one of us getting a BFP !



    Also I am on Ambien CR 12.5and I am pretty sure it is a catergory B in pregnancy cause I was on Ambien in HROB (High Risk OB) when pregnant with my last two children…talk to your doctor, also bendryl IS AWESOME for nauesa as well or unisom, I am already on Phenergan as my insurance is dumb and I have to get special paper work for Zofran. Any questions I might have the answer so message me!! 🙂


    Im sorry wannabeamum… Here’s to next month! Positive thoughts and baby dust flying your way =)
    Im not sure if there is a full moon out but DH has been chasing me down for the BDing LOL I ovulated yesterday and for the past week and a half he’s been outa control!!! LOL I better be freakin pregnant after all that… I can barely walk! HAHAHA lol way tmi sorry



    Oooo Cd 39 and spotting. Think AF may finally be on it’s way!

Viewing 15 posts - 92,716 through 92,730 (of 131,346 total)

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