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    I am CD 14 today. to afraid to check CP as I dont want to disrupt the baby mission hopefully going on. I usually O day 15. wasnt showing any signs at all of CM till last night and was having really bad sharp shooting groin pains. I TOLD my hubby we are bd’ing every night for the next 5 days so get the gun loaded!! He better knock me up this month or knock me out if he doesnt cause I am losing my mind!!!!



    mommytobe5. I don’t want to get your hopes up but that is exactly what I had when I got pregnant, which is why we thought that it didn’t work. Well, next month we found out that I was already 7 weeks pregnant and my doc siad that it must have been implantation bleeding. I hope that it is for you. Good luck



    How i wish to use a hpt today. But still have another few more weeks to go before testing!!!! Today Cd25.



    lol Samantha, anyone who lurks and reads the forums must see me post and think, *is that woman STILL there gabbing about TTC?! Hurry up and get/stay pregnant already!*



    res–pleased do!! i have zero shame in living vicariously through you until I get my BFP!! lol. Seriously though, we’ll love to share the journey with you.



    Mommy2b – I would take a test just to rule out the thought you might be pregnant, but the fact you got a negative test while you were still bleeding is a fair indicator that you are not pregnant =(. Sometimes we just have shorter periods because we bled faster, or just had a thinner lining to shed.



    No, his out tonight with the boys :o( and its my specia; cake day tomorrow, so I dont want it to ruin that.

    Haha when he got home last night, the first thing he said was ‘wheres my crate of soup’ LOL! So at least he is up for trying that theory out ;o)

    I will leave it a few days, and then try and talk to him about it.



    Monica, have you tested?


    Okay, i did that little test, looks like im having a huge 13lb baby boy with Dick Cheney, it says i must have been passed out, cause it couldn’t have happened while i was awake! LOL



    hey ladies this is a realy long journy for some. my huby came home from work last nite and him and his work mate got on to the sublect of ttc, lol wish i was a fly on the wall. um and his mate was saying that him and his wife tryed for a baby for 10 yrs doing all the ivf and all that with no luck they finaly gave up after 10 yrs and to this day they had 3 kids.. wow try for 10 yrs spend thousands of dolers and stop and get wat thousands of dolers couldnt give you..i really hope i dont take that long



    well to my surprise i got a BFN this morning. i still havent had my period so im not giving up hope yet. with my first son i had negative tests for 3 months and i was pregnant. so ya never know….these things are tricky lol



    ummm so i took another test …i only held it about 3 or 4 hours …and i think there maybe a line and im not sure and seeing this is the first test where what i think is a line even remotely showed up n the pic its on my profile if u wanna check it out and let me know what u think ??


    I’m in but cold Wyoming. Woke up to a light dusting of snow 22 degrees F (and a very grouchy 19 month old screaming) My DH and I plan to go to Ireland within the next 2 years. Next Summer if we can swing it otherwise it will be the next summer. My DH’s dad has been twice and I think he will be going with us which is great because I couldn’t ask for a better FIL.



    davia= I had my baby 1-3-08 and got my period 1-1-10! It took 2 years. He ate regular food and bf abou 3-4x a day. I could not get pregnant we never used protection. I know it is a bummer! I am still bf and he is 25 months almost 26. It is the best nutrition for him!! He has only been sick 1x in 2 years. He already can read some words knows all his colors and abc’s. He is extremely smart and I know it has to do with my breast milk. I could go on! Good luck with bf they are only babies for a short time! =)



    Elbereth – that sounds totally normal to me…. I’ve become totally obsessed over the past few months particuarly after finding this site…..
    Has anyone else got a DH who complains about the BD’ing on demand?? He wants a BFP as much as I do and I would have thought it was every mans dream to have his missus demanding BD’ing – but mine seems to suffer from the pressure and it’s a real challenge to encourage him to keep trying for the whole 2 weeks across my possible O as my cycles are unpredictable – I’m aiming for every other day for the time just after AF till AF arrives again – or I get the illusive BFP!!

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