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    Hello!!!Ladies stopping by from week 17 just wanted to send lots of sticky dust and baby dust your way!! Come on ladies!!!!!! xxxx


    I know that isn’t positive till it is positive with OPK’s but when you look on where she took a picture every day of her strip most of them throughout the cycle were barely visible. Mine for almost a week straight have been hard to tell if they are positive or negative because the left side is positive and the other side almost is. So confusing.



    I’m out! Started spotting a little bit today so I decided to just test and get it over with. BFN. Boobs have been killing me for about 10+ days now, so I know if it were pregnancy related I would have tested positive. It’s okay though…I haven’t had a period since my Mirena was removed, and I really should have one first. My doctor said if my body wasn’t ready it wouldn’t happen. I will consider CD1 our first real month of trying! COME ON FULL BLOWN AF! Now I’m wondering with those 5 days of positive OPK’s if I even ovulated or if it was my body trying and trying to release an egg with no such luck!



    Thank you, I’m so excited I can’t stop shaking. Haha 🙂


    Amanda I can def see if my cell will get it. My hubby sees them and his 43yo eyes are not so perfect lol. I was talking to my mother about it. She calls every single day now ‘did it work did it work?’ It’s sweet but gut wrenching all the same haha. Anyways!! She swears by FRER!! She told me to ditch the high tech and go to ‘pink & simple’ coming from a mother of 5 I am going to take her advice (and yours) =)



    Amy, insted of telling him use need to bd just when you go to bed just start playing with him haha sorry tmi! I never tell df we need to I just go to bed and yeh. We’ve never done anything exciting :s mmm I think I could only do it if I was drunk haha I get abit self concence



    What time of day do you ladies test with the OPKs? Is first thing in the morning the best time?



    Question… Do any of you ladies know when you’re going to O? I keep getting really sharp pains where my right ovary would be, like little twinges.



    Hi Ladies! I used this site when I was preggo with my daughter and Im just popping in to ask a question (or explain my sittuation) and perhaps get some insight. I posted a question here on this site earlier today and so far only one answer.
    Ok, so here it is: Im due for my period this week. Last week I started spotting a little brown discharge so I thought for sure AF was starting….it’s now over a week later and still, nothing. My periods are always regular and even after having my daughter, nothing changed other than my periods got heavier. Im a little confused with the sittuation right now. I took a PG test last night and it was what looks like a negative but there was a slight vertical line that looks like a positive. I didnt mention anything to DH and waited until this morning to take another PG test. That one was truly a negative. However, Im really bloated and ‘thick’ feeling if you know what I mean. My jeans are snug and I have a slight muffin-top almost. Idk what to think really. Yes, I could call the Dr. and have them test me OR I could just wait a few days and take another at home test (preferably a name brand one, one that’s more expensive) and see what it says. Has anyone else been in this sittuation? Im not TTC at the moment but things are just ‘off’



    Wyatts – Sometimes it being as dark or darker than the control on only half of the line does not count as a positive. Case in point, I had that last month and the month before where just a strip along the edge of the line was darker than the control, but cd 21 bloodwork showed I had NOT ovulated. Maybe your body is still gearing up to O. Or maybe you are getting positives, but if you’re getting them more than a couple days in a row it probably means your body is having an LH surge, but having a hard time pushing out the egg.



    alohamom: That would be nice, but I don’t think so. The pressure/aches went away. No spotting or anything sooooo it’s probably just coming from my ovaries. Blah.



    I was thinking the same thing!



    Congrats Luckygirl! Hi Amber242. I don’t have an answer to your question, but I remember you from the weeklies when you were pregnant with your little girl. My pregnancy ended in miscarriage and unfortunately I have been trying without any success ever since. Confused as to what is happening with my body this cycle. Had an OPK on CD13 which may or may not have been positive, but it was only 4 days after my last clomid pill and O is supposed to happen 5-10 days afterwards. Currently CD17 and negative OPKs ever since. I started getting bloating in my abdomen last night which has continued into this morning. I had the same thing last month around the time of O. So I’m not sure if I ovulated super early or if it just hasn’t happened yet and will be later this month than last month. Hoping for the latter as we didn’t start BDing until CD14. My bloated belly is just like the early stages of a baby bump and it is making me long for a real baby bump even more. I remember when I was pregnant with DS I used to rub my belly all the time. I was in awe that I was growing a perfect little baby inside. Anyway, hoping that I get a positive OPK in the next day or so. Very lucky that hubby is on vacation this week as normally he would be working days right now and I’m working nights, so we wouldn’t see each other at all.


    Hi everyone how are you doing, any new BFP? baby dust to everyone



    Thx Aloha =) Will post as soon as I test! Still trying to piece together when AF started lol. I THINK it was closer to the 2nd or 3rd. Maybe even earlier now that I’m thinking about it. Either way I’d say I’m right about 4 weeks

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