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    on the whole OPK thing – i think they are good for some and not others. they dont work for me very well. i just got my first ever opk in my life! yesturday. however i know for a fact that i have been ovulating the past 3 months. i was using the opks the exact way the instructions said. i even began testing twice a day . still nada. for others (the lucky ones) opks are like a magic crystal ball and work for them very well every time. personally i wont spend another dime on OPK’s i’m just using up the huge stash i got online b/c i have them and might as well. for those of you lucky girls who they work for i’m jealous 🙂



    Congrats to babysaunders too!!!



    Never mind the chart did not post well. So I posted it on my blog for you all if you want to see it. It looks better there:)



    WendySue- sorry to hear that. However, I have a good feeling for you this month! ~kristy~ I used the Instead soft cups for the first time this last cycle and it worked! It worked for bcalove too! rachele_ glad to hear you don’t have fibroids- but what a sucky thing for your doc to say. Time to prove her wrong!


    I’m sorry to hear about your husband Lindsey…that must have been hard for you. 🙁



    If we just found something good we want others to try we will mention it when the topic comes up. If we are selling something we barge in and announce it without no reason to.



    c, what day are you testing? i want to test friday on my birthday, but if this is implantation i doubt a cheap test would pick anything up yet so im expecting a BFN but i can’t help it lol



    Hi ladies. I used this site about 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I am now trying again. I am 10dpo and scared to test. I had an IUD for 2 1/2 years with no AF. I had it removed December 14th. I finally had AF February 7th. It was my first cycle and I O on the 21st. AF due on Monday. I am wondering if I should test or just wait it out? What do you ladies think?



    Hey there Almalthea & Noahs Mummy…I have a 21 month old!



    Blessed – Congratulations on your BFP. I was going to say the same thing happymama said, the digitals do require more hcg regardless of what the package says. I had 3 days of faint positives on the FRER, took a digital on the third day and it said NOT PREGNANT. I never did get another digital but the dollar store tests kept getting darker and I am indeed pregnant.


    Wahoo tomorrow is transfer day, i am so excited. Xxx



    ok so cd 1 was early in the am on the 18th it started out pretty normal but it got lighter and lighter and I’ve been spotting since the 21st only not really spotting so much as its only there sometimes when I wipe…also on the 21st I had a dip in temp which shot right back up the next day and was up again today…I’ll post a pic if you ladies would take a look I’d really appreciate it..I didn’t get AF till cd 34 and I’m normally 28-30 and since I O later in my cycle this could be an implantation dip….especially with af being so short and not heavy but since this is my first month temping I have no idea



    Lindsey, I know how u feel. Either a bfp or af how hard is that? Haha . Aw youngmum yeh exactually, she shouldn’t of said that to you! And u should be excited ur ganna be an aunty 🙂 . I took my sil baby shoping the other day, in my heart I was wishing it was me doing the baby shopping but that’s ok im happy for them. My bfs sister gets upset coz we live near his mum n she lives 4 hours away n she sees tahlia more then her kids. But that’s not our fault that they live away, just like its not ur fault that they live closer.



    I am trying so hard to not test until Friday..but I am so anxious. the more I go on Google the more I am thinking that this is not my month either…. I need strength!!!



    Sounds like follicle pain – maybe a small cyst. Very common from ovulation, and is not a bad thing. It means there is lots of progesterone on the way. If your CM is still like egg whites, you might want to BD again to cover your bases. The ‘leftovers’ from BD are slippery, but don’t stretch apart like egg whites when you have it between your thumb and forefinger.

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