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    floydianslip2- That makes me feel better. I guess I still gotta wait…will totally be worth it to get that bfp. I’m so sorry about your loss! I’ve had two chemical pregnancies in the past. It’s a huge let down after just getting your bfp. I’m crossing my fingers for you too!!



    Good morning ladies,
    Can somebody help me with my chart? I havent been taking my temps every day but I have no clue if i did o or not cuz FF did not spot it. Also I only BD once. My temps dropped yesterday and I had about 2 red spots of red on the TP when I would wipe but AF has not started. Today I feel bloated kinda like AF is coming. What do you ladies think?



    Another thing I’m thinking is…I’ve heard that if the fertilized egg takes too long to travel to the uterus, it could result in a mc. I’m wondering if that’s what happened to me because it was 17 days past the last time we bd that I got my very faint bfp and one hour later after the faint bfp I got my blood drawn to check my hcg and progesterone. My hcg was only 23, so that seems kind of low for that many days past the last time we had sex. I wonder what could make it take so long?



    sorry to hear about your loss kayce 🙁



    about to take a nap, exhausted here and crazy crazy amounts of cm, hmm.



    Still no sight of AF yet!!!



    Thanks bugs! He has me sooo mad right now!! He didn’t come home from the ‘gym’ until almost 1am!!! From about 8:30pm?!?!….wth!!!! Then calmed that if I didn’t ‘flip my shit’ that he wouldn’t of left!!…oh, so now it’s my fault! It shouldn’t matter! He knew I was exhausted and knew I needed help! I don’t know if I know what I’m about to getting myself into! If it’s that easy for him to just leave when he knows I need help, is he going to do the same shit when I have my daughter AND a baby to take care of??? Im still soo friggin pissed! I hardly slept! Pretty much cried all night and now I look like I’ve been punched in the eyes! Ugh! And he also lost his phone at the ‘gym’ ugh…



    2xmom – sorry about your BFN :o( Welshali25 – I would say that you should take a test especially as you are on other meds as it’s better to test and get a BFN than not to, discover you are pregnant and have complications later due to your current meds. Baby dust to you both and to all TTC!!!



    faith-star-x I’m on cycle day 36?? and have had 3 pos OPKs at around CD14, CD 23 and now again at CD 34, my body is a bit crazy though, I struggle to O regularly and it is showing atm. Was expecting AF over a week ago going by first pos OPK, but I obviously didn’t O then.



    well ladies i tested and …………………………………… i got my BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo , ill write a blog later explaining it all yay to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Thank you Ladies! 😀 Blood Test came back positive too. Im 4wks 5days. Due date is 15 Aug 2015. FX Mrsbugs and I hope to see all you ladies in the week by week really soon. Sending you all super potent, super sticky Baby Dust. x x x x


    Allison you could ovulate as soon as 12 hours! but generally its 24-36……read the instruction says exactly that!



    dlee– I feel for you alot, sometimes I will even buy a hpt test and take and 3 to 5 hrs later my af comes. So don’t feel so bad I pretty do the same.



    Williamsonbabies- its not over untill AF arrives! Don’t give up hope hun! I’m sending baby dust your way!



    Check on CM it looks like creamy milk I don’t know what that means I was excpecting EWCM any advice?

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