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    @turtlefur thanks again! Feeling guilty now for only BDing once this month! Good to see some ladies getting BFPs!! Good luck to all who haven’t yet!! Xxx



    Hi ladies, here from week 19! it felt like just yesterday i was here in ttc! all i wanna say is stay strong, it will happen! i noticed when i stopped thinking about it all the time, bam it happened! try to focus on life and the good things =] positive thoughs = positive results.


    Diane~ Cool ideas =) that totally got the ball rolling in my head… and now I totally have something else to obcess over other then testing and AF lol!!!



    Got it – Thanks


    fallen i love the pumpkin idea.. me when I got my BFP I was still in the bathroom screaming.. come look come look.. he was twistign and turning that little strip and could not see the faint ever so faint line.. and was like no honey that is a BFN.. I was HELL no that is a BFP.. and then too a real hpt first respnse and he like oh i see .. yeah and was so happy! lol.. I cant hold out on anythign to do something cool like the pumpkin thing!



    my next AF is due on either 29/11 or 3/12 (depending on whether i have another 28 day cycle or my regular 35 day cycle) i did have what appeared to be AF 29/10-5/11 but it was only super light (one liner a day and no other AF symptoms like cramps or anything..just light loss) so i dont know if that was an AF or not? it is incredibly frustrating!


    i am all the sudden getting nervous about tommorrow. i just really hope it is a bfp. i am also nervous to get a bfp , it is souring my stomach. (my normal reaction to nerves). i was so excited why do i doubt my senses?



    well i am soooooo doing the wrong thing right now…i am having a glass of wine and on here…i am soo happy for all the BFP’s just wish it was me and when you mix wine with that i get sad…baby dust all…



    Yeah, the great thing is both hubby and mother-in-law have been very supportive 🙂



    OMG TMI alert! I have so much lotion like CM atm. I had cramping during the night and thought AF was here for sure, but nothing other than lotion like CM and tonnes of it. I’m hoping it’s a good sign! CD29 and still no AF, so it looks like I O’d later this month. I’m trying to work out if it was between CD16-19 or when I had the slightly pink EWCM/spotting around CD24 & 25.



    Hi Everyone!

    I am new to this board! Just looking around for some support and buddies through this TTC journey. Had my LMP on 4/20 and my OD was 5/06 so hopefully something is happening inside my body right now. This is our first month of trying. Have had 2 surgeries for ovarian cyst in the past and am scared that it may have affected my fertility. Dr said everything was fine, even tested my tubes and they were clear. Was also with an ex bf for 7 yrs before and never got pg so dr said hopefully the problem was with him… Now that me and my DH are seriously tryingI hope that that is what the case was in the past. Wish with all this new technology nowadays that there was a way to test even earlier!! Am going crazy bec I cant test for another 10 days or so. I hope to make new friends and from what Ive seen on the posts, you all seem like great support and I hope I can do the same for u all! 🙂


    ca21- I’m really not sure. Sure hope so, because I really want to tell you congratulations! Go ahead and call the dr’s office. What can they do to you? Slap your hand? lol



    cd 44… temps dropped to my coverline and i dreamed of AF lol hopefully she’ll come soon. I’ve had ewcm though today i thought she had come and went to the bathroom and just ewcm weird.



    sorry bout the bfn xwee 🙁 with all my others i got bfn until after af was due so until the cow shows her ugly face dont give up hope! xx



    Aww trying, i know what thats like! i cried at sesame st the other day lol

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