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    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone as well! Have a great day :-))



    Hi Lindsey! May God bless you soon!



    Wanna, – I hope you are able to get an appointment with your doc. Good luck.


    ok ladies .. so dont laugh.. but right now i feel sooo sad for all the little spermies trapped in the testicle!!! They sit there waiting never knowing when or if they will be released and then they all die!!! LOL ….. Poor little spermies!!! See that just goes to show you the importance of BD BD BD …. timing is everything … 14 hour trip?? and they ould be too early or too late??? they say dont BD more than once every 24hrs but for timing you need to do it like every 2 hours!!!!


    so tempted to use my HPT test…tested 2 days ago bfn of course . Should I ? I have a Pg blood test next week before I start clomid. I hate to waste them!


    Hey you never know D a sign is a sign ; )



    helluva 5 out of getting convinced 😉 (in 3 days)



    Goodmornin girls, beee obsessing over my chart lol 9dpo today, again haha oh my… ,let me kno what u think? DIANE- if ur lurking, id love ur opinion as well!



    Congrats to Sagira and all the other BFPs this week! It has been a busy one – awesome to see! I hope many more get holiday BFPs this month!! I am back to CD 1, but trying Femara this cycle – very excited!



    question ladies….when af starts in late evening like 10 pm is that still considered first day or is it the next morning considered first day? wondering wich day to consider my first day lol



    littlemama goodluck for your appt……i hope ur ok



    Mrs–I have a total of 17 people close to me who are preggo right now! It’s frustrating when you’re TTC and everyone falls preggo but you. I hear ya! As for OPK’s, how long are your cycles? Mine are generaly 30 days, so I start about CD 10 and usually get my first positive on CD 15 and 16.


    only..I would test in the morning..Are you usually pretty regular?



    thanks Danah I will just have to be patient



    LOL baby be – they are VERY complicated creatures, esp wen it comes to TTC lol – more complicated that us & its us that need to get pg lol – anyway maybe u Od late, if so then that would mean implantation would be late & therefore u would in effect have to test late to pick a sufficient amount of hcg – it could also mean though that ur AF would be late…..wen do u think u Od?

Viewing 15 posts - 94,261 through 94,275 (of 131,346 total)

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