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    I LOVE REID!!!! I had a friend in high school named Reid and was the sweetest guy in the whole world, great name!!



    AF is still here, normally it is super heavy in the beginning then taper down and last maybe 3 to 4 days. But this time around it has been medium flow for now about 5 days..uck..DH and I are taking it easy this month, so I’m not too concerned about ‘trying’. Will gear up again after next cycle.



    oh my god, there are so many things we learned in school that I forgot, I really wish I was paying more attention back then and not passing notes haha


    2 more days until xmas eve!! WTF! came so fast this year



    exactly!!! so far my longest cycle has been 41 days, however when i got pregnant with DD it was turning out to be like a 43 day cycle so who knows… 🙂


    eey..Oh I’m sorry..xx I hope you can try soon



    saza, whats ur chart looking like??



    Crazy – my LH surge and ovulation have been very predictable on Clomid. 14 days after i start my first clomid pill, i get my LH surge and i ovulate the day after my LH surge. It’s been like clockwork for the past 4 cycles. I go in to see my reproductive endorcronologist the day I get my LH surge and she does an ultrasound and confirm i’m about to ovulate. One time, I went in on the day after my LH surge and my doctor did my ultra sound and said ‘you’re about to ovulate, i mean TODAY.’



    Thanks for the baby dust! I am so nervous to test again….I dont want it to be another BFN! Hubby asks me every day if I have started yet haha. gator- my cycles were always 28 and last month was a stressful month, I finished my degree and we PCS’d to FL so LOTS could have maybe made it late. You guys think I could have a BFP even with a BFN on Tuesday?? Shouldn’t I wait longer or no??



    Af just showed up off to month 6



    wannabe, yeah but if i’m going to be like this everymonth then i’m going to gain weight pretty fast cuz i’ve been eating like crazy (i normally have a very light appetite) and not to mention how many test i’ll be wasting. i hate being a girl.


    Thanks ladies, but I knew it was gonna happen. A scan showed nothing and my levels were very low. So I had time to except it, but I am ready to jump in again.



    i’m just worried about the hot flashes, i start 50 mg tomorrow, is it best to take in the morning???



    babydoll…welllllllll…maybe this IS your month…it happened to me. I BD’ed on the Friday and didn’t ov until Tuesday or Wednesday and I still caught that egg…you just never know! 🙂



    After this crazy cycle we will be in our 5th month of ttc. Took us only 2 months the first time. I guess I was expecting it to happen that way again.

Viewing 15 posts - 94,276 through 94,290 (of 131,346 total)

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