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    Wee – I lost a ton of weight on the mini pill too! I was the thinnest I have ever been and then as soon as I quit taking it I gained 5 lbs back immediately…



    I’m pretty stumped over this cycle as well.. to be honest I really don’t think I am pregnant.. I started to take FertilAid this month to help regulate my hormones and help me ovulate.. so I just think the reason I am not cramping and having sore BBs like normal is b/c the fertilaid is doing its job & regulating my hormones… but I am still gonna test for fun 🙂



    Hey ladies, its been awile! This is supposed to be my *lucky* week! I am at high fertility and supposed to be ovulating friday/saturday! I am using opks but 3 negatives so far. Wish me luck!



    This is craziness!! I’m not even mood swingy…and usually I’m a bear that’s crying one minute and pissed off the next. The only thing I can think of is I ovulated later that I think. I did a cheapo dollar store test so perhaps I should wait till Monday. I just hate this feeling of not knowing. My husband and I were both kinda bummed.

    #6861074 are you worried that the line wasn’t as dark? I would take the digital kind..



    morning! AF showed up this morning. last night my left breast started leaking breastmilk. WIERD!! i stopped breastfeeding in december



    LKDream- omg that’s freezing! We generally have good temps all year round. (usually) never below about 7 degrees and it would rarely get over 40 degrees for the whole year 🙂



    Good morning everyone. I need some advise, AF was supposed to be here today or tomorrow (day 28/29) but on Tuesday I got a very faint line. Hubby saw it and is all excited but I have been having lower abdominal cramping. Wondering if AF is actually coming and it was just a false. Anyone with a strong positive experience cramping? HELP!



    anyway ladies its late here & im getting tired so im going to go read my book & get some sleep for work in the morning……i never get much of a chance to come on here on a wed thurs fri but ill try & pop in wen i can – babydust!



    LOL mrs miller, my dh wanted to be told in a sentence at random so I was talking to him about work and I said oh by the way I didn’t ask you what month you wanted to have a baby in, do you care, answer from him was not really so I said how about july, next answer was are you pregnant LOL!!



    wannabeamum: Basically when you are on your AF, your cervix will be low, firm and open. As AF ends, your cervix will remain low, firm and closed until you enter your fertile period (about the same time your mucous will get watery) Your cervix will begin to rise and soften. It will also begin to open. When your cm is like egg white, your cervix will be as high as it can go, it will be soft, and open. All conditions are now ideal for sperm to get to egg! To check the position, it’s best to do it while standing – the shower will work best because you have super clean hands and the bathtub to prop one foot up on – CAREFUL!! You can’t BD if you’re in a body cast! Ok – now for the tmi part: what finger or fingers you use is up to you, reach in and gently probe to the top part of your vagina – find the cervix. If you find it easily, it’s low. If you have to reach in and just your finger tip can reach it, it’s high. You’ll get used to high, low and in between as the month progresses. If it feels like the tip of your nose, it’s firm. If it feels like your bottom lip, it’s soft. Learning the difference between open and closed takes practice too, but you’ll get the hang of it. When you have EWCM, you should be able to tell what your open cervix feels like, then you can use that to compare the rest of your month to. ………… After AF, your cervix will close and firm up again…. it can be high, low or all over the place after ovulation!! It’s also not a great indicator of pregnancy as it does not pull up, close and soften when pregnant until you are about 7 weeks along………….. Cervix position is considered to be a secondary fertility indicator. BBT and cervical mucous are primary indicators. Using two or all of these methods together are a great way to check for your fertility – but no matter how much you track, your body can throw you a curve ball and you can ovulate earlier or later than your body seems to be ‘telling you.’ I had indications that I could have been ovulating early (cervix was pretty high and open, and I did have a day or so of EWCM, but it was between CD 6 and 8 so I thought there was no way I was ovulating that early – but here I am – knocked up!) GOOD LUCK! Hope this helps!!! Now I’m gonna copy and paste this to my page 😉



    congrates aimee



    ok ladies i’m off for my morning walk…….



    happy birthday to baby xweegeex!! hope bubs has a great day!

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