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    olechka15 TTW opps I meant TWW – two week wait



    I don’t see how it can’t be O. My OPK was very quite negative yesterday which seems weird ot me :0P



    Today I am 10 dpo and got my BFP!! I can’t even believe it! Yesterday was my first day of testing at 9dpo and at first glance, there was no line at all so I tossed it in the garbage can. Well today I tested again and I noticed a very, very faint line. I really thought my eyes were playing tricks on me! I must have stared at it for 10 minutes moving it around, putting it in different lighting…trying to see if it was really there! So I then retrieved my test from yesterday (luckily it was packaged safely in the wrapper) and noticed a line even more faint than today’s test. I just assumed it was way too early to test and didn’t wait the full 5 minutes and gave up. So later on in the day today I went ahead and did another internet cheapie and the line was a little darker but still faint. I decided to go ahead and splurge and buy an FRER to confirm….And it’s definitely a BFP!! I’m still in shock!! DH says…see, I told ya! I knew it!! And he sure was right! I’m going to post my pic in a lil bit. Not sure if the faint line will show up or not…but I’ll try and get a good pic!



    hopingforbaby- i am with you i have some signs but with the moods swings i had a couple days go tell me that pms is here and af should arrive in a couple days as scheduled. when are you going to test?



    Aloha, I have to work when he does his sperm test, so I hope he doesn’t have TOO much fun without me! Last time it was awkward for him, so I don’t imagine he’ll enjoy it much this time around either. So grateful that he is doing the test, I have heard that a lot of men refuse. And I will be ready to test in 7-9 days if AF hasn’t reared her ugly head.



    sorry im so late taking care both the kids…
    i am also experiencing period like cramping
    an again the blood has stopped…(so i think) or will it come back.
    lower back pain.
    the miss carriage hurt alot an i had absolutly no idea i was having on or else ii would have immedietly stoped having intercourse.
    for days it was bleeding on an off very very very slowly pink..
    an about 4 days lter the day of my ultra sound i miss carriaged just bfour an hour befour the ultra sound i requested i not have a D&C all naturell an it hurt very badly. everything is ment for a reason but somthing pluzzels me… about tht pregnancy when i misscarriage i seen many huge things come out of me about 6-7 big thick huge sac type things i was wondering if i had more inside the twins sacs but hasent been seen or hiding. but all i no is it was very strang just how fast my bleding stoped so quickly even i didnt understand that . an this period after it well after the 5 day ive been very (bitchy) didnt want anyone near me or i feel irriated…. an now im experiecinng faint cramping but more noticable an back ach for awhile now doesnt seem to leave i think its prolly most likly pregnancy… ive taken two pregnancy tests at the start of the weird period an after yestrday on the 4 day it stoped because it was so light an then returned. all negatiiv i will wait some more what does everyone think?


    I just wanted to know if any of you tried FertilAid or any other over the counter supplement to help things along? Please message me!



    3 sweet words… Big Fat Positive !!! i just re-tested, and while it is still faint it came up quicker than yesterday and it is easy to see! i could not sleep last night, i was worried and excited ! its 6:30am here and im up lol just couldnt wait to tel u gals! There is hope after DepoProvera!!!!



    Congrats Atcjeng!



    Firsttimemum – I would start testing at CD10 🙂 Good luck!


    anyways, hopefully this round of trying took and im prego now…. just trying not to feel too anxious. maybe if i try not to put too much pressure on myself itll all work out?! idk…. wes keeps telling me to just relax but how can i relax? its so frustrating not knowing right away.



    Lukemom, I soooooo hope it’s a good solid BFP in the morning!
    Wendy, looks like we might be cycle buds. cd21 for me



    I had my dating ultrasound today!!! I am in week 8 just as I thought I would be. Babys heart was beating a strong 171 beats per minute! The ultrasound tech said everything looks great 🙂 It was the most beautiful thing to see the strong flicker of the heart beat in the little chest <3 Best of luck to all you mommas trying! I keep checking in to see that status of you all 🙂



    hi ladies,i am in the middle of my cycle and feel like im about to get AF, ive been having cramps really bad and im hoping my cycle isnt messed up!! it was irregular since i had my son a year ago, and the last 2 months in a row have been 29 day cycles exactly, so i thought i was regular. now i am on CD 18 and i hope AF isnt coming now…. anyone else had this happen if you were regular and then went back to irregular?



    So… I’m here, after having two miscarriages this year and I’m one day late…. it might be too early to test… but I’ve been having a bit of cramping which makes me scared that I’m just late and nothing good will come out of this.
    My husband wants me to wait a few weeks to test but I think I’ll go buy one tomorrow and secretly test myself. It would give me something great to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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