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    hey Wendy! We were in the weekly together 🙂 I cannot believe we’re back to TTC again. Jeremiah is such a joy (minue the fact that he hates his bottles/sippy) but I cannot wait for another. I’m baby obsessed and cannot wait to poas!!!!!! CD 17 for me



    Lauram – 29 days is nothing! At the moment my average is 35, but I have gone as long as 75!



    Hello Ladies! I haven’t had internet in my home since I signed up on IAP. The guy just finished installing it and this is the first website I checked:-) I am currently on CD1 cycle 3 of TTC. Is anyone else on CD 1 today?



    Welcome It Must be Pink and Babyjarr, u are very brave wanting to try for a baby so soon lol…. havent had Vitex but i think iv read on here it helps there is one of our mommies using it?? could be metal mommy?? Baby Jarr jsut test. i am on cd6 and i have a whole chart written out. if i dont get AF on 2 November which is when i am due i will only test on 13 November. If u r pregnant i am praying for a full term pregnancy with a healthy baby for u. welll ladies i decided i would wait until cd8 to BD as per the Sperm meets egg method and its a lot of BD so i figured id wait but oh well last night i couldnt resist. freshly shaved and just brushed teeth oh my freakin word hahahahaha!!!!!!!! I wanted to know do u guys BD just like anywhere or is it in a set place? We have been married almost 5 years and used to be spontaneous but now its in bed with the lights off 8-/ It’s my birthday on Sunday!! excited! maybe il get my present in the course of next week with a little baby making its way to where its supposed to be. Have a wonderful day ladies and sorry for my random blabbing haha



    Megan, hooray for ur temp rise, have you o’d yet?


    well not a tcc update but i did mention that i got injured at wk. im on med leave for a week, hopefully my leg heals quickly. but not letting it get in the way of the baby making! hahaha i cant seem to keep my dh off of me! not that we didnt bd a lot before, but now like i said he cant stay away from me. lol its like trying to get me pregnant is the biggest turn on for him. btw he would b horribly angery if he knew i wrote that. anyways my point in stating such, is that i was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar?



    I caved and tested this morning, still BFN, I’m on CD 40, waiting for a BFP!!! Testing again sunday morning…


    and nixsa i am praying for ur bfp 🙂 GL hun fx come on bfp! 🙂



    Hello ladies, I took a test yesterday morning and got a really faint positive reading and then later that night I used a different pregnancy test and it said I wasn’t pregnant. Could I actually be pregnant?



    where i wrote tic– I meant ttc



    Okay Thanks Diane I will try that tomorrow…



    NixSa I am finding the same thing, Kissing is an Awesome thing 😉



    Gill- I didn’t take any OPK’s but I should be any where around 13 DPO. Depending on whether it’s a 27 or 30 day cycle. I have been having light cramping which was thought to be implantation cramps but I don’t know?!!!



    Brandy- maybe it’s the pic, but I find it hard to see. Have u taken a digital test yet?



    I just totally removed the diaper. It was super messy and touch and go for about 5 days then magically it was over. I thought it was gonna be months of pain and suffering. Anyways I am not gonna take my vitex now. I just booked me and my daughter a 2 week trip to visit my parents in Mexico and we aren’t back until Feb 2nd. So here is hoping I don’t have a magical ‘normal’ cycle and hold off on Oing until after I get back. I am thinking this is fairly likely lol. So I will resume the vitex when I get home. We are spoiled.

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