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    maddox – did you post on TTC after loss page? we’ll respond with open arms! BIG HUGS to you sweetie…


    I keep getting a sharp shooting pain under my breast. like in my breast not below it. its hard to explain lol where at exactly.


    i have a question… where can i buy preseed? Its it an online thing only? Or can i buy it at a nutrional store or walmart… thinking that we should try it and see what happens…..



    I have a question, and I hope someone can help me! I have been on the pill, and usually I know what day I get my period, right on, but this go around- I spotted slightly, and it was *not* normal. I didn’t miss any pills, all were taken on time. I defiantly missed my period. Now I am slightly cramping, minor back pain. I took a pregnancy test- and nothing. Is it possible I am pregnant? I have been on the pill for 3 years now, all has been normal up until now….. Help!



    OV Watch – never heard of it mamagris! I’ll see what I can dig up about it though. I’m always curious about the stuff that gets advertised as helping with TTC



    What happens when my wet/EW days are 2 days before my LH+ day and that day is 5 days before my temp rise day? I’m not wet at all during my LH+ day. I’ve been using FF but even it is confused. Its giving me that red dotted line on ovulation and says it basically doesn’t know for sure



    Hi Gator! How ya feeling?



    weegee – I’m sorry hun, I’m still rooting for you though xxx


    dsquared I was just thinking about you…wondering how you are feeling. It’s like the three of us are on the home stretch…



    My best friend and another good friend have both announced their pregnancies this week(second baby for both) – so at least I can put all my broodiness into them until it happens for us! I am very excited for them. My best friend is due 30th May, and my other friend 14th June. I do have a bit of bump envy though, I must admit, even though I am really excited for them!


    We are having pizza!



    Emma, I’m sorry! Hope you get some answers soon!


    TBT no i was thinking more along the lines of catching the dust for later use and eating the marshmellows for a snack but never mind………………..or maybe if we do eat it, it will get to where it needs to go faster : p never thought of it that way???



    I am forcing myself to get off this computer! I am driving myself insane!!! Going to put the tunes on & clean!!! My temp is still elevated & is at 99.0! Hope its a sign that I will get my BFP! Can’t wait to test!!! Baby dust to everyone! & a big Congrats to all the recent BFP’s!!!



    Sarah…Did anybody ever answer why your dates we purple? Thats because you clicked on the date.

Viewing 15 posts - 97,336 through 97,350 (of 131,346 total)

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