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    Amanda….You got to stay away from here. My prayers are with you and that your hcg level is going up.



    Hey finlaysmom! Aw yeh they can be pricks haha



    I was due March 20th with my son but went SIXTEEN days overdue!!! – so maybe we were crossing paths in 08/09 lol x



    amy – haha he wants to give a show to all your guests. as you give a tour and your like this is the living room, this is the cat licking his balls, this is the bedroom lmao haha


    seeg- Congrats! Post a pic.


    hi everyone. im a little nervous. my husband and i have been trying to concieve and we are hoping that we are sucsessfull. my last feriod was may 18, 2009 and i have not had a period sence. im hoping that i am pregnant but i havent taken any tests or anything. obviously i need to go to the doctors to find out either way but i was hoping to get some opinions from others. i havent had any symptoms but the other day out of no where i ate a toasted sandwich with lettece, mayo, provolone cheese, pickle and penut butter. that is not like me at all. and the whole pickle and ice cream sounds good to me when any other time it would sound gross. so im not sure what is going on with my body. wish me luck ladies and good luck to those trying



    Ehartw02 I test with first pee using clear blue fertility monitor which test for you estrogen surge and then your Lh surge and the I test 10hrs later with just clear blue (happy face) OPK so I don’t miss my surge just in case I ovulate shortly after my first early surge.



    Hello my name is Tammy and I’m a POAS addict! I’m 7 DPO and took another 10 miu test this morning which came back negative. But this has not stopped my need to test! I will test every morning until I get my BFP or AF arrives. *Evil Scientist Laugh* … Ok I’m done now. Baby Dust to all!!!!



    HI Ladies, I have a question for those of you who use opks. I came off the mini pill a couple of weeks ago and since then have been waiting for something to happen (i.e. either af or ovulation, from what I’ve gathered from the internet you normally keep on ovulating when on the mini pill so when you stop it you could be anywhere in your cycle). So AF hasn’t turned up yet and I’ve been testing with a opk sort of every 2 days and have always had either a very very faint line or nothing at al. The last one I did was yesterday afternoon and was uber faint. But yesterday I had a bit of EWCM and today a lot. I’m going to do another opk test later (just waiting as it says to do it after 10am), but what I wanted to know is does your LH just suddenly shoot up before ovulation, because it doesn’t seem to have increased gradually at all. Also I was wondering when you do get a positive opk do you just get it on the day you ovulate or does it go on for the few days beforehand?
    Has anyone else been in this situation where you have no idea where you are in your cycle? It’s so frustrating to not even be able to start trying!



    Thats what I’m hoping! :0) hahah



    Congratulations luv2teach! I am so happy for you 🙂



    You took Soy Isoflavones late in your cycle before AF arrived? Not sure if that would cause you to ovulate or not, I was on the belief that you needed to take it while still on AF to get the cycle at the right time. We need to call in Cpalmer – resident Soy Isoflavone expert for this one!! CHAS!!! Where are you? lol



    Ok so I am Cd 5 today, and ff always have my fertile phase around cd 23. Well this morning I put my temp in it , for some reason changed it to cd14-17. Not too sure why, I think it has picked up on some trend that happens when I do o earlier. (It does have data there since 2009!) I am praying it is right! Every time I o closer to cd 14 I have fallen pregnant.



    LK- I know one day I didnt have enough urine, but other than that I think it has been, I know they have been sitting a while but I was just looking at them and they all look about the same shade now, but after I took them they were how i explained below.. I guess we will see… im a tad crampy today so when I test later ill see how it will turn out ty!



    Pretty: I have never taken anything to conceive. Sorry I have no advice.

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