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    i cant get on the chat. apparently i have dont have java enabled on my work computer ha ha. so im sticking to this!



    Yes ladies, I am back and in action! Glad to be back



    Welcome aboard Jessica!!! Hopefully, yours will be a short ride. Do you know when you ovulate? Do you track your BBT? Or do you use a OPK?



    Joey20 – well its still posible that you could be pregnant! But I’d wait until the 35 day mark to take a test.



    Oh good then I’m not alone in my frantic reading *smile*


    Diane and brie- thak you for the support and fingers cossed for you too brie, Congrats on the BFP Heather……I went ahead and called the nurse to see if there was anything I shoud do the had me come in and take a blood test I will know tomorrow I hope I am pregnant because I don’t know what happened to my period otherwise any ideas??



    what that he is my adopted father?



    Diane-take two, thank you for you comment. To clarity for all, I was using LMP as late menstrual period, sorry for the confusion. Well, AF reared her ugly head today. So sad. It was soo easy with the first one (BFP first try), so it’s a little discouraging that it’s taking a little longer. I know there are women who have been trying for years with no children, so I really know that I am blessed to have one healthy happy child. If that’s all God wants to bless me with, I will be all too happy. I guess I am just being selfish right now. Baby dust to all! Thank you again!



    Sarahd, last cycle I got positive opks on cd 11 & 12!! I had a 27 day cycle. So the fertility friend tracker predicts fertile days starting Friday with O prediction on memorial monday. Quite prophetic me thinks! 😉 UPS man had better roll correct this week with my PreSeed before we leave town



    @ baby786 – Glad you don’t think im crazy lol.



    It’s SNOWING!!!!



    MrsL, better to BD often rather than not enough!! you never know when you will have a surprise early ovulation. 🙂


    Urm no – i want to but i know he is going to be so excited and i think it will hit him bad if it turns out im not pg – do you think im doing the right thing by waiting ?



    07 babe – the tests tell you you are about to O. I have read that sometimes (es – if you are breastfeeding or your cycles are not like clock work) your body can try to O – (hence the kinda dark but not positive test) and then not O. It has to try a few times before you actually O. It looks to me like the 18th was a pos maybe? Up until then, they were all negative.
    I hope you O and get your BFP!!!



    rylansmommy: LOL I am cracking up over here!!!
    The cruise ships horn are sounding off!!!!
    That is so funny.

Viewing 15 posts - 97,696 through 97,710 (of 131,346 total)

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