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    congrats affinitiy!



    Do you have to have a script for pre.seed? I was also wondering when I get a + OPK I know it says you will O in 48 hrs or whatever but my DH has a low sperm count would it be better to BD the same day as + or the day after +



    rls ~ if i did ovulate yesterday which ill wait for ff to confirm ill only have a 25 day cycle like last month my lp is only 12 days so my af would be around due 31st so will probly start testing next saturday or sunday only if my temps look good


    Does anyone know if its possible to ovulate 3 -4 days before AF starts?



    Ahhhh. Man. I’m having some SERIOUS period cramp. It had me up all night crying!! I know I had similiar pains when I concieved Lilia, but I think it’s highly doubtful we were THAT lucky (we had sex 4-days ago, twice). I don’t know know when I’m due on, ’cause of my messed up periods, just know that I been in serious pain. 🙁



    i used my fertility moniter this month also i love my moniter got pregnant first time using it with my last pregnancy lets hope it happens like that again this time



    Why is blue dye horrible?



    Aww 9 months such a cute age kaylee just turned 2 in jan she’s a blast talking a lot but a very dramatic little girl lol has my temper quite scarry



    Ladyjade,, that’s the worst bit of it all there is no Single concrete ‘ u r definately pregnant’ symptom but I have a doc apt tomorrow so fingers crossed!!



    diane – how nice it would be!!!! Im going to stop stressing now and continue to write my reports (im a school teacher) Hopefully that will take my mind off things!



    Ok so TMI coming up.. DH and I have BD the past 3 nights in a row, which is unheard of for us, but we really wanted to kick it up a notch this cycle. Well last night he not only had a difficult time getting a full erection, he lasted FOREVER, and I noticed that **TMI ALERT** balls were…much smaller than usual (I just want you all to know that I’m blushing..LOL). Anyway, my question is, does this mean anything bad? I know he’s not used to going 3 days in a row, but it was weird. The night before last, on our 2nd night, he had no problem, it was like any other night..but last night it was just different. Now I’m all paranoid that he has a low sperm count or something and doesn’t replenish normally…am I crazy? Is this normal? Part of me thinks it must be normal, hence the ‘every other day’ recommendation, but most of me is a little freaked out. Suffice it to say we’ll be skipping =D


    Thanks Blydansmommy for posting that site, it is so informative and just plain amazing to see what changes a cervix can go through day by day!



    My opks are getting a little darker. I’m surprised I haven’t o’d yet. Oh well let’s of bd for me 🙂



    Well ladies I am off to work. Happy testing!!! Can’t wait to read the results I am hoping for BFP for all of you!!



    mrsmiller – i would bd just in case!!! i haven’t had one positive opk yet i’m just bding randomly and when i see the appropriate signs 😉

Viewing 15 posts - 97,771 through 97,785 (of 131,346 total)

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