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    kristy: It does sound like your body is getting back on track. You might have breakthrough bleeding for the first 6 weeks off the pill (some women get back on track right away, ovulate in two weeks and have AF two weeks later – everyone is different), and you can certainly ovulate before your period returns. Good luck TTC!



    Anyone doing opk and BBT? I really wish I knew exactly when I ovulate. Had a pos digital last night and this morning was neg, but the non-dig stick was pos. SO I was wondering if the ladies that know can share with me when exactly they O’d after a pos OPK. Thank you Thank you.



    good morning ladies how are you all today?



    Bankerchic I would say you would ovulate within the next 24-48 hours so I would consider Friday or Saturday to be 1DPO for you.



    Lc well maybe this is your month 🙂



    I am to impatient, I tested again this am 2 days before expected period, with an early results test…BFN! I am still having symptoms, and lots of CM today…I just dont know what this all could mean?! I really thought the bleeding I had 8 DPO was implantation….gahhh, the waiting game is going to be the death of me. I swear I might not be cut out for this TTC stuff, lol! Anyone else test this am?



    bedtime for me too im afraid! so exhausted lately 🙂 chat with u lovely ladies tomorrow!!


    Dawn-i am also using pre-seed ths month, try it with soft cups as that’s meant to work well together 🙂



    Yup aselleck, that’s exactly what would happen. Your luteal phase tends to be the same length each month (unless you have a luteal phase defect where it is too short or fluctuates) so if you have a 14 day LP, and O on CD 14, your AF should be here on CD 28. But if you O on CD 17 then AF will not show until CD 31.


    CD9 and i am in a horrible mood, so horrible that my DH has gone out to a friends. and my younger sis ( who lives with me) has also gone out too and DD went to bed earlier than usual lol…. so i am sat here with a can of diet coke and a chocolate bar tryimng to un wind and cheer myself up.. maybe an early night is on the cards for me lol.. sorry to chew ur ears off ladies lol…



    😉 There’s nothing like real life experience from a collection of women to help understand all the quirks of TTC!


    @tanmansmomma32- thanks! I am hoping for that digital to say PREGNANT soon :/ have everything crossed!!!



    THanks girls. I guess since im getting close to the
    ‘O’ im going to start just to up my chances of having a girl :]. Hope everyone is having good luck!!



    I didn’t look at anyone’s opk pics but just putting a bit of info out there- it is negative if the test line isn’t as dark as your control line. Also for those with faint bfps- u can use an opk stick and if it’s pos then ur preg.


    Yes ma’am — Cpalmer is too I think =) BFP’s to ALL!! and sticky baby dust

Viewing 15 posts - 98,026 through 98,040 (of 131,346 total)

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