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    damnkat – good luck for your test tomorrow – my fingers and toes are crossed for you!



    trying…..I was a little dizzy yesturday, but I have gained another symptom….My breasts are tender, but not to tender…When you touch them they have a little sorness to them, but they dont hurt to bad.



    Mattiesmomma – good luck testing! You can be very fertile I’ve heard the first month off birth control, so you never know! Keep us posted!



    Hey Ladies, sounds like everyone had a good supper, I haven’t started ours yet :S
    Went to shoppers after work and picked up some pre-natals, Jamieson Brand, came home and googled it, and some interesting blogs out there, what did you ladies use?


    Emma..I’m sorry you have to deal with this. I hope you can move forward soon…xx



    Congrates to those with BFP’s good to hear, To those wanting on BFP’s good luck baby dust too you.



    Good going on the willpower crazy!



    Mine are the same….I never have the same cycle 2 or 3 cycles in a row. I agree with sarah…You should probably get blood work done within 48 hours of eachother because that is the only way your gunna know if your numbers doubled, but if your still getting positives I wouldnt worry. Its if your getting negatives after positives I would worry.



    they are soo cute court…. i have only have knownen 1 gemma and she had it spelled jemma and i dont think i have heard tracer


    Right i have taken a pic on my phone for now i dont know how its going to come out i will upload it now – i said i took it this morn it was this afternoon sorry and yes mys temp is still above my coverline



    AF came last night again….. now that means we will be on month #8 of TTC. It is so frustrating! I feel so bummed- was hoping to be pregnant as my Christmas present. Good luck to everyone else waiting for BFP this week/month.


    C give him a few more hours !


    Xweegeex–I’m with you on trying to adapt a positive attitude…also hoping to concieve this cycle and get a BFP on Christmas!! CD 8 for me…getting already for some major BDing….I think maybe we’ll try every other day this time! Good Luck to you and all the rest of you!!!


    slh~~ yikes! sorry hun that sounds like no fun at all!



    Momof-isnt that a major BUMMER!!!!…well u got tonite girl and wen he wakes up gyrate on him like Beyonce lol…u be fine girl as long as u keep ventin good on u luv

Viewing 15 posts - 98,371 through 98,385 (of 131,346 total)

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